We Love Our Designers!

Let the games begin! #quiltmarket 2018 is here, as evidenced by this lovely gathering of #marcusfabrics and #studio37fabrics designers and friends!

See their work at the Marcus booth #1801, now thru Monday.  Now,  can you name them all, from left to right? There could be a random fabric prize drawing involved for a comment listing the most correct names, now thru Monday… Go!

6 thoughts on “We Love Our Designers!

  1. Yikes–this is so hard! My guess is Dolores Smith, Sarah Maxwell, Nancy Rink, Judie Rothermel, Vicky McCarthy, and Karen Styles.

  2. Dolores Smith and Sarah Maxwell, Nancy Rink, Karen Phillips-Shwallon,
    Vicky McCarthy, Karen Styles.
    (I checked your website but still not sure if all names are correct. Is that cheating?)

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