What Do We Love About Australian Quilt Design?

KarenStylesThe August edition of MarcusFabrics.com includes the debut collection by Australian designer Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork.  Karen’s VICTORIA PARK is our second recent Australian release (following the Quilted Crow Girls’ coordinating POMEGRANATE LANE and THE SEASONS WOOL COLLECTION), and the latest in a series of Australia-based influences making waves in the quilting industry.  So we asked them to help us break down some specific elements of Australian Crow-Facesquilting style — and the conversation is featured online.  While you’re visiting, be sure to preview all of the great new collections coming soon to your favorite quilt shops!

Are You Quilting with Kids this Summer? Share Your Tips!

It’s that time of year, time to entertain the kids for an entire summer! But it doesn’t have to cut into your creative time – just include the kids in your quilting plans, from stitching easy projects, to visiting your local quilt shop, maybe even attending a nearby quilt show or expo! And be sure to depend on the many free projects on the Marcus website for more inspiration.  Send us your best tips for quilting with kids during the summer!  We’ll share our favorites, and you might even win a fabric prize in September! Thank you!