Stash Decor

Stash DecorNo need to be shy about your fabricholism… Make it a part of your home decor! It’s easy to enjoy your favorite stash pieces while you’re waiting for the proper inspiration to hit. The great thing about “stash décor” is that your consistent tastes in fabric types and colors means you’ll be working with pieces that will play together nicely, which is generally more important for room décor than quilt blocks. Here are a few ideas to get you started — all of these allow you to keep the cloth intact so you can always use it for another project later, if you decide to. Some quick ideas for fat quarter deocr include:

  • This is almost too easy…a fat quarter generally measures 18″ x 22″, while a standard poster frame measures 16″ x 20″. This is especially effective for large-scale floral & batik designs that look like paintings. Simply turn under & press 1 inch all around, frame the fabric and enjoy it in your walls. Have several coordinating FQ’s? Fold them to different sizes, layer creatively, then frame and hang in the same manner.
  • Take your FQ’s out of the quilt studio, and enjoy them around the house. Tie coordinating bundles and display these in baskets around the house.
  • Neat and slender CD towers come in every imaginable look, from wood to metal to melamine to wicker. Intersperse your music and fat quarter collections by housing them on alternating shelves of the tower.