AMISH with a TWIST Begins Soon!

AMISH with a TWIST Begins Soon!Get ready for Amish with a Twist, our exciting new creative program designed by Nancy Rink of Nancy Rink Designs, and featuring Marcus’ CENTENNIAL SOLIDS collection! As you create this gorgeous quilt month by month, Nancy guides you in various techniques that you can also apply to her free bonus projects!

The solid colors were carefully chosen by Nancy for a look that’s authentically Amish, with a Twist! Look for the Amish with a Twist program at your favorite independent quilt shop beginning in February!

3 thoughts on “AMISH with a TWIST Begins Soon!

  1. Love this. How do I go about purchasing the pattern or joining the BOM tem ?

  2. I just start with this “Amish with a twist” and I like to get a free bonus projects.

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