Q & A – Limitations on Usage of Marcus Fabrics?

With all of the recent discussion throughout the quilting community about copyright infringement and the proper use of fabrics, we received this question from a consumer, and realized that many of you might have similar questions:

“…Like many other quilters, I have decided that we are not going to spend our money on any more lines of fabrics who try to put limitations on what we do with the fabric we purchase.  I don’t want to think if this is an item I can photograph and put on the internet, or do I need to worry about a lawsuit.    You have beautiful creations, and it would greatly sadden me…if there are limitations on how I, the end user, can use the fabric.

Our reply:

We appreciate your concerns in what has become a very confusing area for everyone concerned.  Our fabrics may be purchased and sewn into any finished items to be used, given as a gift or sold, such as quilts, pillows, garments, photo albums, gift items and more.  The fabrics can also be embellished with any desired trims, etc to your liking. In this sense, “no,” there are no limitations on its usage. If the fabric is used commercially, we would welcome a mention on your hangtags as the source of the fabric, however, this is not required by law. 
However, while the FABRIC itself is not copyrighted and can be used as you desire, it is the actual DESIGN printed on the fabric that may not be duplicated.  For instance, you may use a Marcus Brothers floral fabric print to create whatever you like, but you MAY NOT then scan the floral design itself (or otherwise reproduce it) and then embroider it onto a matching pillow case, for example.

I hope this clarifies any confusion on the copyright issue.  If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me again.

Lisa Shepard Stewart, Marketing Manager

(Shown: ROAD WELL TRAVELED by Studio 37)