A Few Minutes with Olde Green Cupboard Designs

Olde Green Cupboard’s Gloria Parsons talks about their upcoming Farmhouse Blooms collection for Marcus…

We were just told the other day… by a very successful businessman… to always design with passion… that’s what makes a designer successful!!  Those were pretty powerful words to all three of us (Vicky, Heather and me – Gloria).

That’s exactly what brought about our new line of fabric that we are working on… Farmhouse Blooms. When we were kids…we grew up on a farm in Indiana with pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, along with an orchard full of crabapple trees.  Completely surrounding that orchard was a strong wire fence.

Along the portion of fence that divided the orchard from the yard, were blooming flowers… iris, lilies, zinnias, tulips, jonquils…. So cheery and….. rich with passionate color.  That’s what you’ll see when our fabric comes alive.  These photos may give you a hint of our color palette – keep watching!