Win Carol Hopkins’ New eBook!

Marcus Fabrics is teaming up with Martingale to celebrate the publication of Carol Hopkin’s new book, Civil War Legacies II In it, Carol presents another outstanding collection of charming projects! Each engaging quilt is ideal for 1860s reproduction fabrics, and Judie Rothermel fans are sure to recognize her fabrics page after page (actually, beginning with the book cover!)

What do you love about Civil War quilts?  Check out Judie’s new ENDURING LEGACY collection, inspired by Old Sturbridge Village, and featured in

three of Carol’s new patterns.

Win Carol’s eBook!

To enter Marcus’ free drawing for the eBook, simply comment below.  Then visit the Martingale blog for another chance to win!


244 thoughts on “Win Carol Hopkins’ New eBook!

  1. I love Civil War quilts, they are so inspiring. I am currently making a 16 patch and I think I’ll have to make a C.W. one next. 🙂

  2. It’s a Civil War Smorgasbord of color! Oh, how I would love to feast upon these colors. Marcus Fabrics from Judie Rothermel’s “Enduring Legacy” and Civil War Legacies II are an irresistible combination. I can’t wait to get started on a new project! The drawing for an e-book is an awesome idea.

  3. Entering a quilt store or online, the very first fabrics I look for are reproductions. Just love them. So many patterns in Carol’s books. Would love to win.

  4. It would be wonderful to win this book. I enjoy the colors used in Civil War fabrics and have some just waiting for the right pattern.

  5. I love the intricate details and small blocks of these quilts. They definitely take a bit more attention to detail and time. I do not know if I could attempt such a quilt without detailed instructions and guidance.

  6. Can’t wait to look through the new book! I really love Carol Hopkins Civil War patterns for small quilts! The Judy Rothermel Fabrics are gorgeous!

  7. Two of my favorites: Judie Rothermel and Carol Hopkins! I’d love to win the book with more of Carol’s ideas and the Marcus Fabrics I try to collect.

  8. This looks like a must-have book! I love CW fabrics, books about CW quilts, historical or modern, everything about the fabric traditions. Thanks for a chance to win.

  9. I love Carol’s ideas in her book — would love to win the book and the fabric to get a chance to try these!

  10. I really like the patterns and designs in Carol’s books. My brother lives in Maryland and is a big CW fan. His house would fit a CW quilt very well. Thanks

  11. I love civil war reproduction fabrics and love the book and would like to be challenged to make another civil war themed quilt!

  12. I’m still fairly new to the quilting scene so I’m loving it all right now…would be to hard to pick a favorite fabric line or book. Thankful for a chance to win!

  13. I love Civil War reproduction fabrics, they are so homey -feeling. Would love to win some fabric or the book!

  14. ( opps, I made an error in my first comment) I loved the first Legacy book and am excited about the second. I love Judie Rothermel’s fabrics and can’t wait to add them to my collection.

  15. I love the simple designs on civil war fabrics. Although lots of them have intricate patterns. Best of all are the colors that if you didn’t know the era you’d think those fabrics are a regular collection to incorporate into any quilt designs.

  16. I’m SO excited to learn that Carol has a new book coming out. Small quilts are my favorites and I’ve made several from her last book. These look gorgeous!

  17. I have the first book and absolutely love it. I never tire of this period of quilt designs and quilt fabric. One can never have enough inspirations.

  18. I love the reproduction fabrics of the Civil War era. I can’t wait for the new book to be available so I can check out the patterns. Beautiful fabrics!

  19. These quilts look amazing. I just can’t see something like this when I have looked at the Civil War reproduction fabrics. I need this book to help me out here. 🙂

  20. I love the scrappy feel and the colors of Civil War Quilts. The book looks like a great collection of patterns. Thanks.

  21. What a great find. There are not enough patterns to go around. Light my fire and send it to me!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I just started a Bee project using Civil War Fabrics and I had not ever used them before. I am just getting to look for fabric and it’s not that easy to find in our area so started looking online. Would love the book to see different patterns

  23. Hi, I LOVE Carol’s new book! And of course, the Civil War prints are beautiful. Love the quilt Baskets for Betsy.

  24. What beautiful fabrics and quilts. I’ve always wanted to make a Civil War quilt, but haven’t been able to find very many fabrics up here in Alaska. Would love to win and start a new quilt with your patterns and fabric!…. Maybe “Lauren’s Hat Pins”, “Allegheny County ” or Lizzie’s Tents”?

  25. Love these fabrics and love this book. Most difficult decision is which quilt to make first!

  26. Thank you so much for the chance to win! Yes, I am a huge fan of Judie’s fabrics and I would love the chance to win one of Carol’s books.

  27. How did you know I am about to start a Civil War memorial quilt? I would love to win this collection! Thanks! Diana

  28. I enjoy researching the Civil War era and the soldiers who were from our community. I have made 18 Civil War soldier quilts for my family and friends, including 3 donated to organizations. I really like working with Civil War reproduction fabrics. My sister and I are making Civil War quilts/wall hangings for a Civil War program. We would love to have new fabrics to enhance our quilting project, and also new patterns to make! Thank you.

  29. I fell in love with Civil War reproduction fabrics about 3 years ago, and have collected a few of my favorites. I’m still waiting to find that “perfect” pattern, because I don’t want to waste them making just any quilt. I’m sure that one of the quilts in this beautiful book would fit the bill perfectly. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. I am a “collector” of Civil War Fabrics waiting for the right pattern to come along. I have fabrics like Bordeaux and Sienna,Inn Tavern Collection of Blues waiting to be made into quilts. This book sure would get me there.

  31. I’m actually popping over here from the Martingale blog. I finally finished my quilt last year made with your Merrimack line from a few years ago and my Chronicles BOM is waiting to be quilted. I had not checked out Carol’s books before so am looking forward to taking a look at her designs so I can use up even more of my repro stash!

  32. I love Civil War quilts–they are instant classics! The modern quilts are fun, but I think they will begin to look dated where as quilts made from repro fabrics look like antiques.

  33. I have a small stash of Civil War fabrics which I am using for a current quilt. I love the quilts in Carol’s new book and could put my fabrics to use and most definitely buy more. I love quilting. What a wonderful hobby!

  34. This new line of civil war fabrics is Gorgeous! From the picture on the cover of Carol’s new book, I want to make it. So can hardly wait to see what other gems are in the inside !!

  35. I’m not North American, but I think this very beautiful cultural heritage. And I’m in love with the fabric of civil war.

  36. Thank you for donating the fabric on the Martingale blog! This new book looks like it has wonderful quilts! Happy Wednesday!

  37. I loved the first Civil War legacies book and am looking forward to the second. Civil War fabrics are my favorite and the Baskets for Betsy has caught my eye. Looking forward to another “project”.

  38. I have never tried any of her patterns before, but these look beautiful and would dearly love to try one. I’ve never made a civil war quilt either. This just may get me hooked!

  39. I absolutely love Civil War Repro Fabrics…as my DH & closet will attest to. I have made 3 mini quilts and just recently started on a scrappy Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt with CW Fabrics.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  40. I once won first place at a county fair with a Carol Hopkins pattern using Civil War reproduction fabrics.. I love her patterns and would love the opportunity to win her book. Thanks for offering this give away…

  41. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about our ancestors and make a beautiful quilt in the process. Thank you Carol for putting this valuable resource together for us.

  42. Just love the range and how lovely they sit together and the many options you can use to make a lovely civil war quilt

  43. I’ve never made a civil war quilt, but this book looks like the best way to start!

  44. I’m a very traditional quilter and love the Civil War reproductions. Would love to have this book and fabrics. Thank you

  45. Although I have never made a quilt with Civil War Fabrics, I would love a chance to participate in a bit of our heritage. I have a long arm and would enjoy the challenge of quilting this enticing fabric with patriotic motifs. The ebook would be a great jumping off place to start my voyage to the Civil War era. thanks for a chance to win!

  46. I often use reproduction fabrics with more modern prints. I think they look great together!

  47. I have always been fascinated by the Civil War and now love the repro fabrics from that era. I have made several quilts with them. Thanks for a chance to win

  48. I have just begun to quilt and love the colors of the Civil War fabrics. What an opportunity to win this fabric and Carol’s ebook!

  49. Civil war reproduction fabrics are beautiful and make traditional quilts come alive. The fabric is beautiful. Love the Civil war patterns.

  50. I have always been drawn to very traditional quilts and love many of the Civil Wars fabrics. However, I haven’t known just what to do with them before this. This book is not only inspiring, but will help me focus on what to make and HOW to make it! Please make my dreams come true!

  51. I’ve wanted to do a civil war quilt for a while now…this book certainly would give me a good start in picking “the one” to do. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  52. Love the history My grandmother left me several quilts she, her mother and her grandmother made in the late 1800’s. Colors and fabrics are awesome.

  53. I’m most happy when I’m thinking about quilts or walking through a quilt store looking at the luscious fabrics! My favorites are Civil War and 1930s reproductions. Thank you for offering a chance to win Carol’s eBook and the fabric. It would really help build my small stash!

  54. I love the colors and design in the quilt that is shown. I am just starting back into quilting from a long time off, and this is the first I have heard of reproduction fabrics.

  55. I love civil war era quilts and the stories behind them. My family are southerners that fought in the war. On both sides no less 🙂 Love the quilts! Cant wait to get started on one.

  56. I love the beautiful soft colors used in the Civil War Quilts. Thanks for the chance to win Civil War Legacies II

  57. I would love to add this book to my collection of quilt books and vintage/retro/current fabrics…

  58. The new Enduring Legacy collection looks great. What I like about Civil War quilts is the geometric shapes – I enjoy triangles in quilts very much. I like the colour palette of that era – the muted shades of multiple colours – that still look colourful and exciting in multi coloured quilts my other favourite thing. The book has many gorgeous patterns in and I thank you for the chance to win a copy

  59. These new Marcus fabrics “seam” perfect for use with the patterns in the eBook.

  60. With the recent closing of two local quilt shops, it’s getting harder to find reproduction type fabrics in my area. Winning this would be fabulous. 🙂 Would also appreciate this book as when I try to put together fabrics for a quilt they tend to look depressing & muddy. 🙁

  61. I would love to use this book to make a small quilt to hang in my U.S. History classroom.

  62. I have treasured Carol’s first book and anxiously await a copy of her upcoming book. Working on smaller quilts is a delight and her designs are stunning.

  63. It’s wonderful to see the past still loved in the present. Greenfield Village in Dearborn MI had a display of slave quilts from the civil war and the stories about how they came to be. This was a small show of a more larger and beautiful display of history. It’s wonderful to see these reproductions appreciated again. They are a beautiful painting of fabrics of the past that should always be remembered.

  64. I absolutely LOVE Judie Rothermel’s Civil War reproduction fabric! Carol Hopkins, Civil War Legacies II, have fantastic patterns using the fabric I love! My fingers are crossed, hoping I win! X : )

  65. I love making quilts with Civil War fabric. I would love to win new fabric and a book!!! What a way to start a new project!

  66. Love Carol’s patterns and the Civil war fabrics. It just amazes me that we have so much variety of fabrics to choose from compared to the 80’s. Thanks to all of the quilting that is available today.

  67. I’m addicted with anthing to do with reproduction fabrics and am a big fan of Carol and Judy!

  68. Love the civil war fabrics, but have not tried a project using them. Fabulous looking new book! Would love to have it.

  69. I have enjoyed Carol Hopkins designs for a long time! This new book looks like one of her best!

  70. The Marcus fabrics are delicious! I’ve been wanting sew a quilt using civil war patterns! Gorgeous!

  71. Delicious Marcus fabrics–I’ve been wanting to sew Civil War pattern quilts. They’re gorgeous!

  72. I have been fascinated by civil war fabrics and this would be a great e-book for me to have and get started making quilts from these ageless fabrics.

  73. I love Civil War Era fabrics- I live in a Victorian house and the reproduction fabrics fit in the decor very well. Looks like a wonderful book.

  74. Thank you for the generous offer to win the Marcus fabrics and Carol Hopkins’ new book CW Legacies II. Her patterns are wonderful and Marcus fabrics are wonderful.

  75. I Love civil war fabrics. I am in the process of making a queen size quilt with my civil war fabrics. I know more quilts made with them are in my future.
    I have used blocks made during that era and really like the way they look made with civil war repros.

  76. Hi,
    I would sure love to win this contest. I love Civil War fabrics and have made quite a few quilts with them.
    Good luck to everyone who enters.
    Martha in Tellico Plains, TN

  77. I would love to win! I have a 15 year old granddaughter that wants me to teach her how to sew in order to make her own clothes, blankets and quilts. I’m trying to collect her some books about quilts and patterns. What a wonderful surprise it would be for her if I could win this e-book and send it to her.

  78. I have done shadow appliqués with Revolutionary War folk art. I would love to quilt some Civil War designs as well!

  79. Most of my stash is made up of civil war repro fabrics. I love them and have made many quilts with them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  80. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I love the civil war reproduction colors. I think I had a quilt made out of these colors when I was a little kid. I dragged it on all of our vacations, made tents with it (it was huge), and remember wrapping up with it when I was sick with our cat. Poor cat!

  81. The soft colors of these fabrics just make me want to wrap up in a quilt made of them!

  82. Hi Everyone! Thanks for your enthusiastic response! As you can see, reproduction fabrics are as popular as ever, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon ; ) Keep the comments coming…one lucky winner will be chosen tomorrow! – lisa s / Marcus Fabrics

  83. I love Civil War fabrics. I’d love a new book with new patterns to stitch.p

  84. I love the civil war fabrics, stories and small quilts! Would love to be a winner. Thank you for the opportunity!


  86. Civil War fabrics feel like home!
    Looking forward to viewing Carol Hopkins new book!

  87. I love Civil War repro fabrics and make lots of minis like Carol. I would really like to win her book so I could make even more!

  88. I love these Civil War quilts because they look so cozy and homey.I’d love to win this book because I think she is such a talented designer.

  89. I just LOVE Civil War fabrics and patterns and would love the opportunity to win both these fabrics and the book to add to my ever growing stash. I have never made a small Civil War quilt and would love to try one!

  90. I love the look and feel of Civil War Quilts. And the new line of fabric looks like it will fill in some spaces in my stash.

  91. I have just recently discovered Civil War fabrics. I don’t even know where to get them yet. I would love to get several for a guest bedroom quilt.

  92. I love scrappy quilts and would love making some of these patterns with this beautiful fabric.

  93. Awesome fabrics – my friend and I heard a couple of years ago that reproduction fabrics were on the way out – I am so glad they were wrong. The colors are strong without being loud. The prints – classic. The patterns – intriguing, just enough of a challenge.

  94. Since I am a Historian the civil war era is fascinating. I have several ancestors that fought in the war. As a fairly new quilter I am intrigued by the patterns and fabrics. I would love to make one of Carol’s quilts. The fabrics are gorgeous and I would love to use them in my next quilt top.

  95. I am looking forward to Carol’s new book! I love the history behind reproduction fabrics.

  96. I love civil wars fabrics and quilt designs! Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. I have collected 6 pieces of Civil War reproduction fabrics that are very dark. I can’t find a pattern. I look forward to the e-Book and hopefully the fabric. I am sure I could make a beautiful quilt with them.

  98. I am always drawn to the Civil War quilts. Feels like looking at a piece if history whether they are old or new!

  99. What beautiful fabrics! I have not worked with Civil War fabrics yet but I would enjoy the opportunity. Thank you for the give-away

  100. It looks like an interesting book, one which I would love to have. Gorgeous fabric and beautiful quilts; the perfect combination.

  101. I love the Civil War reproduction fabrics, and I would love to win this e-book and make a quilt using a pattern representative of that era. In fact, I own a quilt which may be a slave quilt that has been handed down to me and was given to my family as a gift that had been handed down through that owner’s family.

  102. I’m just loving these fabrics…. I thought I had enough civil war fabrics…. but these are irrestible. Thanks for continually producing these new designs, I love them!

  103. I have Carol’s first Civil War Legacies book – would love to win her newest one. Thanks.

  104. Thank you so much for the opportunity to possibly win this eBook! O love Civil War era quilts and can’t wait to read this book!

  105. I would love to win this book. I love the look of reproduction fabrics and the quilts that are done with them

  106. I really enjoy making small quilts because, as they say, there isn’t enough time to make all the quilt designs in larger quilt sizes. So I would love to make some of the quilts in Carol’s new book with this new line of reproduction fabric. What fun and so much inspiration! Thank you for the opportunity.

  107. My first quilt was a small sampler using Old Sturbridge Village fabrics.
    Have enjoyed making reproduction fabric scrap quilts ever since.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win Carol Hopkins’ new ebook~

  108. Wow! I just checked out some of the photos on the Martingale blog of Carol’s new book. Looks like it is full of good stuff! I would really love to win this ebook. Please choose me!.

  109. I’ve always loved CWR fabrics, they attracted me to quilting in the first place as they are so cozy looking and perfect to use in any traditional quilt pattern. I really, really hope I win this giveaway and I thank you for the opportunity!

  110. I’m sure this will be another treasure. I’m a new devotee of Civil War quilts, and this is very appealing!

  111. Love Civil War reproduction fabrics and would be beyond thrilled to be the lucky winner of this awesome giveaway! ☺ Thanks a bunch for the chance!

  112. I love Civil War reproduction prints and being new to quilting I’m beefing up my collection. I’d love to win a book with reproduction quilts as the topic.

  113. I would love to win a copy of this book. I generally work on smaller projects and some of these patterns look perfect.

  114. I would love to win! Thank you Marcus Fabrics for producing 1800 reproduction fabric. I have only been buying 1800 reproduction fabric for more than ten years. Please don’t stop producing the collections as I don’t seem to be done with them.

  115. I so love the small prints and beautiful colors. I love the little basket quilts and would love to make one out of these beauties.

  116. Wow….awesome fabric!!! I would love to win a copy of your book. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us and the opportunity to win.

  117. I love these reproduction fabrics. Even though I have only been quilting two years now I have made over forty baby quilts for Linus. My family is now wanting me to make quilts for them. These civil war patterns would be great for just about everything I have in mind from quilts to table settings to teddy bears. The imagination and possibilities are endless.
    Forever love these forever fabrics!

  118. Love the Civil War fabrics and patterns, would love a chance to win this wonderful prize.

  119. Love the new line of Judie Rothermel fabrics especially the stipple background piece and the double pink stripe! Thanks for the contest.
    Love all your 1800 repro fabrics. Keep them coming!!!!

  120. I’ve been collecting civil war fabrics with not clear plan, seems like this book would come in really handy.

  121. I love the look of these fabrics and would love the chance to try to make one of the beautiful quilts in these books. Small quilts are a favorite of mine.

  122. I have yet to make a civil war themed quilt, this book would be great to have. Thanks for the chance.

  123. Love Judie Rothermel’s fabrics and Carol Hopkins patterns. Would love to win the book!!

  124. My great -great Grandmother made quilts during the Civil War. I love the patterns in the book and the reproduction fabrics that are now available. thanks for an opportunity to win!

  125. I truly love the civil war reproductions and the timeless designs in Carol’s Civil War Legacies books. The civil war fabrics are my favorite style of fabric.

  126. i’m a fairly new civil war repro fabric lover but have tried to make up for lost time acquiring fabrics and books…would love to have a copy of this one!

  127. Half my stash is Civil War era repros – it amazed me to find so many vibrant colors – not just dark blues and browns and tans and reds, so I have collected as many of them as I can. The darker, subdued colors make the vibrant ones really sing and the bright ones make the quilt sparkle. LOVE them!

  128. Oh this book looks wonderful! Some are these quilts truly have their own personality – which is a definite perk. Love that Gettysburg Sun pattern. Thanks for the chance to win.

  129. Ms. Hopkins does beautiful work I love her choices in fabric. I have difficulty matching color combinations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. Civil war fabrics has become my favorite type, I have made some quilts already and hope to make more with them.

  131. I, too, have been collecting Civil War repro fabric for years..have a nice collection of fabrics from the Lowell Quilt Museum, but, oh, how I would love these new fabrics. My LQS has closed and I’m suffering withdrawal!! I have to travel miles and miles now to see the new fabrics. This would give my psyche a real boost!

  132. Thanks for the chance to win! Would love to win the book as I have never seen the book but enjoy Civil War fabric and patterns. Just finished a civil war wall hanging for a challenge.

  133. I love civil war fabrics in quilts , it gives them an old fashion look which I love . I would love to win Carol’s new book so I could try out her great patterns . Thanks for the chance .

  134. Love Civil War Reproduction fabrics. Also, love what I have seen of the patterns in this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book!

  135. I fell in love with civil war fabrics when I visited an LQS in town. I’ve always been a history buff of that era. This is a great giveaway for us to get some new patterns, thanks!

  136. I love quilting patterns with a history behind them. Traditional patterns are my favorites.

  137. I love the delicate overall designs in Civil War Repros. The colors are beautiful.

  138. I am finishing up a 1800’s repro hexagon mosaic quilt top and will need to replenish my stash. Love the Civil War era fabrics, so comfortable in my eclectic antique furnished home.

  139. Carole’s books are wonderful. And my love for Civil War fabrics increases each and every year. I also love the small quilts and especially as I age the full and queen sized ones are hard to manage. The smaller ones makes it fun all over again. I would love to win your contest.

  140. Thank you so much for providing quilters with such beautiful reproduction fabrics to sew with and the chance to win a great book.

  141. I have never tried civil war material yet, but love how it looks. Would love to have the chance to try it out. My oldest daughter loves stuff like that and I would love to be able to make her something showing the civil war era.

  142. I find that the civil war patterns and fabrics add depth to my projects. Thanks!

  143. I love Civil War reproduction fabrics and Civil War quilts. Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful fabric.

  144. I, too, love to make smaller quilts. It is always nice to finish a project in a reasonable amount of time and small quilts help me do that. The book looks very intriguing. It would be fun to own!

  145. Reproduction fabrics, and especially Judy’s, have always been my favorite type of fabrics. They often speak to us of our history and I appreciate how the fabric artists often go the extra mile to search out antique quilts and their fabric and people histories. I congratulate Carol on her second ‘Legacies’ book and I would love to own it! Thanks!

  146. I love CW quilts and the stories that they tell; love the history! I have the CW Legacies and love Judie’s repro fabrics!

  147. Oh very pretty,did not think these would be so lovely would love to try and make a quilt with these!

  148. Beautiful fabric collection! Love the civil war story with fabric. Her work is amazing! A true tribute to our history! What an honor it would be to receive such a prize. Thanks for the opportunity.

  149. I love Civil War fabrics. Someday I hope to make the Civil War Love Letters quilt in honor of my great-great-grandfathers who served in the war.

  150. I recently made a mystery quilt with some reproduction fabrics. I really enjoyed the process and love the look and feel of the quilt. I’ve been making brighter quilts or art quilts for some time and I just really enjoyed the process of my most recent quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to participate! I would love to win Carol’s ebook:-)

  151. My local quilt shops carry very little CW fabrics and thus it is had to find appropriate patterns, this book would be so helpful. K

  152. I’ve been collecting your civil war prints for just over a year, and they are my go-to fabrics for most quilting projects these days. I just can’t stop buying them!

  153. I’m a huge fan of Judie’s repro fabrics and have many of them in my collection.

  154. I met Carol at festival and thought she was just wonderful. So willing to share stories about her quilts. Civil war fabrics just speak to me. Love, love, love!

  155. I’ve been checking out some of the pics from Carol’s book. The quilts are just AMAZING! I love the way so many different fabrics are brought together + they all play nicely together. Thank you for the chance of winning the e Book. It would be so great to make ALL the quilts!

  156. I love Carol’s quilts and have made many in the past. Would love to win her new book.

  157. I have been quilting for years but have just fallen in love with civil war fabrics and can’t wait to make something with them – these a beautiful! This book has wonderful patterns that I would love to try – thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  158. The new collection of fabric is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the collection in our local quilt shops in Minnesota. I am so interested in the civil war history, how colors were made in the day and the stories. Thanks for your designs. Becki P.

  159. I just love civil war fabrics, they just make my quilts comforting. I have never got used to the more modern and bright fabrics available today. I have made most of the Dear Jane blocks (still have 22 left) and I am presently in a Aunt Lucy class at my local quilt shop. I will continue making quilts with CW fabrics, just love them!

  160. I can’t wait to start sewing projects from Carol’s new book. I sure enjoyed her last one!

  161. I enjoyed Carol’s first book and am excited to get her second book. My favorite projects to work on are smaller blocks with a lot of pieces. Kim

  162. Two of my very favorite things….Marcus fabric and civil war quilts!! Thanks for a chance to brighten my day.

  163. Love those little quilts, reproduction quilts are my favorite! I have her first book. Judy’s new fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win.


  164. I love Civil War Legacies! I can’t wait to see Civil War Legacies II !!!

  165. Wahoo, I love her patterns and love civil war quilts. My aunt got me hooked on Judie’s fabric line a decade ago and we both collect as much as we can of all her lines. and other’s. What I like most about the era’s reproductions is the variety. It includes every color on the color wheel. ( some people mistaken say it’s just brown, but that’s not true) I love the designs, the serpentines, the geometrics, the florals, the shirtings, the toiles, the moires. everything. I love traditional blocks and patterns and cannot say I feel that same about modern quilts. I like the challenge of making the same patterns my great grandmother may have made and I think they are beautiful. It just suits my home decor, traditional, wood and not sleek, black and chrome.Thank you for the wonderful fabrics. Don’t stop producing them!

  166. Wow! Such nice fabrics and interesting book. Thanks for the drawing and maybe I will win! Blessings

  167. Looks like a winner! I would love to have the chance to pick a new quilt to make.

  168. I have some of Judith’s fabric politely waiting to become one of Carol’s quilts! Thanks for he giveaway opportunity.

  169. Judie’s new fabric line looks absolutely gorgeous. Some more fabric that I ‘must’ have! And Carol’s new book looks just as fab as her first one.

  170. Love Carol’s work!! I love Civil War quilts because they speak of our heritage!!

  171. Love Civil War fabrics!! I try to collect as many as I can:) I’m one of Carol Hopkins and Judie Rothermel biggest fans!! Would love to win Carol’s book.

    Thank You!

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