Gadget Show & Tell

Ruler insert - Final_Outlines - use this fileThis tip comes from Carrie, one of our sales reps and an avid quilter.  Here’s her review of the Hex’n More Ruler by Jaybird Quilts

“Let me be the first to tell you something that has been super in my area.  It was “new” a couple of markets ago, but has become quite popular for kitting, BOMs and a Nifty Notion: The Hex n’ More ruler!  It’s a 60 degree triangle and hexi in one ruler.  I have blog-carrieQuiltused it in three quilts, personally! Easy and fun.”

Check out one of Carrie’s Hex n More projects.  She  made with the 60 degree part of the ruler.  Small triangles with fat strips, and fat triangles with small strips.  “I called it Tumbling Rubies.  It wasn’t difficult but it took a lot of time and fabric to put the strips on.  I gave it to my cousin actually for Christmas.”  Thanks for the review, Carrie!