The Classic Appeal of Red and Blue

GalleryRedBlueCOLLAGETrends continue to point toward the graceful elegance of red and blue with white across all design categories, which might help to explain the lasting appeal of GALLERY IN RED AND BLUE by Faye Burgos.  Her stylized florals, paisleys and coordinates are the very look being shown currently in top decorating and lifestyle publications, blogs and specialty retailers, both traditional and contemporary.

From Valentine’s Day right through to the Christmas season, red with white is a natural favorite, while blue and white is always fresh and calming. Combine them during the summer holidays and any patriotic themed activities, including the fast-approaching July 4th holiday here  in the US.

Look for GALLERY IN RED AND BLUE prints, and our free quilt pattern by Heidi Pridemore, in your local quilt shops.  You can also purchase Nancy Rink’s “Glory Days” quilt pattern at



2 thoughts on “The Classic Appeal of Red and Blue

  1. Re: Gallery in Red & Blue fabric line and quilt pattern by Heidi Pridemore.
    Any hints on how I might locate this fabric and quilt pattern? I have been looking on line and am unable to find the quilt pattern or a good supply of the fabric line.
    Thanks for your time in answering this request.

    • Hi Jan – Thanks for your note. you can find the fabrics through our store directory on the website, or do a Google search for “Gallery in Red and Blue fabric Marcus” or similar phrasing. That should turn up some online resources. You can also ask these shops for the pattern download as it’s only available through retailers. — lisa

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