Emilie Elizabeth, the Quilt

Lynn Wilder of the Sew’n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog shared her recent project with us, a gorgeous quilt entitled Emilie Elizabeth, named after her grandmother.  Lynn used a mix of JUDIE’S ALBUM QUILT prints and PAULA BARNES COMPANIONS, and documented her work in a revealing photo album.  It’s exciting to see how the project comes together!  Lynn tells us that the pattern for Emilie Elizabeth will be available soon.

How many of you also document your quilts-in-progress?  Do you do it for technical, creative or historical purposes, or all three?





8 thoughts on “Emilie Elizabeth, the Quilt

  1. Lynn has come up with another fabulous design and a wonderful story behind it! She’s made the fabric shine and come alive! Great idea to document the making of quilts, something which I plan to do more!

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