Marcus Sew-Along, WEEK #9

SAL-LisaBlockOnMatCROPPEDHi, I’m Lisa Shepard Stewart, marketing manager at Marcus.  If you’re a regular reader of our website, blog posts, press releases and newsletters, chances are I’ve written it.  In addition to working part-time for Marcus, I own a company called Cultured Expressions, specializing in the creative use of authentic African textiles for decorating, quilting, sewing and crafts.

Well, if you’ve followed us this far in the sew-along, you’re likely already a big fan of Repro prints.  But even if you’re like me, and the Repros aren’t necessarily your go-to category when you quilt, I’d encourage you to try mixing them in with your favorites and see what happens.  (The many deep, saturated colors and earthy tones of some repros would look great pieced in with bogolan / mudcloth from Mali or even Indian raw silks for a different take, but I digress…)

By now I know you can’t wait for the big reveal of the “Friends & Companions” quilt next week, so let’s get on with the instructions for the final block!  For this block, you’ll need the following from Paula Barnes Companions:     1035-0112 Black, 1034-0111 Burgundy, 1702-0116 Sage, 1038-0188 Beige, 1033-0128 Cheddar

Cutting Instructions:

— from Burgundy, Sage, and Cheddar:  Cut (1) strip 1½” x 15″ long
— from Black, Sage: Cut (4) squares 1½”
— from Beige:  Cut (4) strips 1½” x 2½” and (4) strips 1½” x 3½”

                        (OR Cut one strip 1½” wide x at least 28″ long (for Alternate piecing method)

Block Instructions (Read thru all steps before you begin)SALHowTo1

1. Sew burgundy strip to sage strip. Sew cheddar strip to the other side of the sage. Press. From this pieced strip, cut (4) 3½” sections.

2.  Sew one sage square to each of the four 2½” beige strips. Sew one black square to each of the four 3½” beige strips.*


Note: In the first photo, the beige strip under the machine needle is about to be trimmed down to 2.5″ as the first two were. Next, the units are simply cut apart, then pressed.

(*As an alternate piecing method, stitch the first square to the beige strip. Without removing the piece from the sewing machine, trim the beige strip to 2½” long, Stitch the next sage square to the remaining length of beige strip, and again trim the beige strip to 2½” long. Repeat until you have the four green-tipped strips, and four black-tipped strips. Cut strips apart; press.

3. Stitch the green-tipped strips to the four Rail Fence sections, lining up the sage square and cheddar strip as shown.

4. Stitch the black-tipped strips to the units, lining up the black square to the burgundy side as shown.SAL-Howto3

5. Join the four units as shown; square up for an unfinished block size of 8.5″.

(Download the PDF version)

Week9-CoinPursePrizeRemember to leave a comment below for your chance at this week’s goodies – a bundle of Marcus fabrics in dark reds, one of my favorite palettes, and a Vintage Coin Purse Kit, a gift from Cultured Expressions, so you can create your own.  Good Luck, everyone!  

With your nine blocks now complete, we all THANK YOU for participating, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the process so far! Congratulations — your efforts will soon be well rewarded  ; )  See you next week for the Big Reveal!!  Late to the party?  Start from the beginning!

125 thoughts on “Marcus Sew-Along, WEEK #9

  1. Not really my color favorites, but will probably do in brights as soon as a couple of other projects are done! Thanks for all you have done!

  2. I found it very interesting to see each block using the same fabrics were so different and each could be a mini-quilt on its own. My take-away from this project is a lesson in color and design, some new quilting tips as well as eight new quilt blocks. Thanks so much to everyone involved for this really pleasant project.
    Looking forward to the reveal.

  3. Like everyone else, I love this project and am looking forward to the final instructions. This has been a fun and instructional project, with great designs, great fabrics, and thorough instructions. Thank you for the sew-along.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful Sew Along. I love using my Repro prints mixed with my Modern fabrics, They seem to add depth to the finished quilt. Can hardly wait for the Big Reveal.

  5. Thanks so much for your block-can’t wait for the reveal and how to put them all together. Love the fabric bundle and the coin purse, thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Oh I am excited and hoping to be a winner. Went to a great quilt show this weekend . If I win will make a new quilt to put in the next show. thanks for a chance.I would love to have one of the little purses!!

  7. This was my first sew a long and I have loved it. It went so quickly and I am excited to see the reveal next week. I hope others have found a greater appreciation for reproduction fabrics through this fun experience.

  8. Every week I wonder what else can be made from these fabrics and I’m never disappointed! Being a quilt shop owner through the 90’s and early 2000’s, I have had a long relationship with Marcus Brothers and they are the best in my book! Thank you for creating many beautiful yards of fabric for us fabricaholics. It’s been a blast!

  9. Have enjoyed all of the blocks. I’m all done and can’t wait to see how they all go together! Wish I could be in Santa Fe with you-sounds amazing. Have fun.

  10. Thanks for a quick and easy (but still interesting) block this week. The lazy days of summer are really over!

  11. I’m so ready to see the final placements! This has been so much fun! I hope you do this again soon. Thank you so much for reaching out to everyone.

  12. Oolala! How pretty is that! Thanks for the opportunity…and I really enjoyed the sew-a-long. Great opportunity to see inside other quilters and ideas!

  13. Lisa,
    You are so talented. I didn’t know you were with Marcus fabric and so I didn’t know about the block challenge. So I have to go back to the beginning and see the whole thing. Your final block is really nice. I like those earth tones even though I have a real preference for bright and purple is my favorite color. Hope to see you somewhere soon.

  14. This has been a fun SAL, each block very beautiful. I loved the fabrics from Marcus, repros being my favorite. Thank you to all the great designers who created the blocks for us. Anxiously awaiting the final reveal. Summer was busy but now that fall is upon us, I can catch up.

  15. Thank you for another wonderful block. I am about to go to my sewing studio to make it. I have managed to keep up each week and just love all the blocks. I am looking forward to the reveal next week.

  16. I really like your block and the collection of fabrics. Red is my favorite color and I use it in a lot of my quilts.

  17. This is a favorite, no HST 🙂 I’m catching up from a late start, can’t wait to see them together.

  18. This has been a great sew-along! It is such an easy way to have a quilt done in no time. Of course, loving the fabrics and colors is always a plus!

  19. Enjoyed working on these blocks ! Waiting until Friday for a new pattern encouraged me to finish other projects so that when the new block was available I was right to my machine. I have been trying to guess what the final setting will be. Surprise me !!!

  20. I have really enjoyed this sew-a-long. I can’t wait for the big reveal next week. And the reds and coin purse in this week’s giveaway are beautiful. Thank you to all the designers for creating such a fun sew-a-long!

  21. I want to thank each and everyone of the designer who made this fun mystery sew along possible. It is the first I join a mystery SA and I had a lot of fun so it won’t be my last. Thanks ladies.

  22. I have loved this sew along! I love each block, and they are all so different. I can’t wait for the big reveal! I has been a great journey!

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  24. Fun new block this week. I am a little behind but will be caught up this week. The prizes look terrific. Thanks for sharing. I love red too!

  25. For those who are looking for the downloadable PDF versions, all of the blog posts do have them except for Week #5, which I am checking on now. You’ll generally find the links on each blog post just following the instructions, and before the comments. — lisa

  26. I have enjoyed seeing the blocks that you all made and have saved them for a later date. Looking forward to seeing the reveal. Thank you ladies for all your hard work.

  27. Thank you so much. I just finished your block. I’m all caught up and ready for the big reveal next week.

  28. Thanks for the beautiful block! Have been enjoying the sew a long. Can’t wait till next week:)

  29. Just finished my last block. Have loved this quilt with each block released on Friday–let’s me easily keep up with sequence while working on other projects. I’m primarily an applique quilter, but the black fabric has really taken me outside my “quilter’s box.” I use only reprofabrics and typically like to reproduce antique quilts from the 1800s. This has been my first “quilt along.” Great fun! Hope you do another one. Can’t wait for next Friday’s Big Reveal to see how the blocks are arranged and the other fabrics are used in the setting.

  30. I’ve enjoyed the SAL and thank you all for your creativity and inspiration. Can’t wait to see the block setting and am looking forward to the next project!

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  32. Would love to win this weeks fabrics. Would work great with a table runner I want to make. Looking forward to seeing the reveal of the mystery quilt.

  33. Thank you Lisa this has been a wonderful sew a long I have downloaded all of the blocks to do at a later date, the instructions have been very easy to follow. I love the Vintage purse and the color range also.

  34. Great block Lisa! Thanks to all who made this Sew Along possible, really having a lot of fun with it! Hoping that you all do this again in 2015!

  35. Thus has been something to look forward to each week! The designers were all some of my favorites and I’ve loved the fabrics too. Great job, Marcus!

  36. This has been such a fun sew along. Can’t wait for the reveal. Winning some goodies would make it even more extra special. Fingers crossed.

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  38. I have so enjoyed collecting these blocks. Thank you for yet another fun one. You’re right, I can’t wait for the big reveal!
    Winning these goodies would be sew much fun! Thanks for the opportunity.
    And that little coin purse! What a cutie!

  39. Thanks to all the designers and to Marcus Bros. for this fun sew along. I have enjoyed making all the blocks and I can’t wait for the big reveal next Friday.

  40. I have truly enjoyed doing this sew along! I love the blocks and can’t wait to see the setting for the quilt. Thank you so much.

  41. Love! Love! the block and your fabric color choices. I bet a whole quilt made with this block would be awesome

  42. I LOVED your “easy Piecey” instructions for making the block AND I also loved your block. I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt. Thank all of you wonderful designers for our sew-a-long!

  43. this block is a nice addition….I’m a little bummed it’s over! Weeks went by sooool fast…..really enjoyed this sew along and hope there might be another in the future…. Great job to everyone. Can’t wait to put these together..

  44. Thanks to all of you for the fun project! I have managed to keep up each week. I got a real sense of accomplishment finishing each block before the next one arrived! I am excited to see the finish.

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    Thanks again!

  50. This is a beautiful block with very clear instructions! Thank you so much and looking forward to the finale!!
    I am happy having participated in this SewAlong!
    Best wishes!

  51. Finished up my last block and can’t wait to put these into a quilt top. Thank you for such a fun QAL .

  52. Thanks for having this sew along. Also, thanks sew much, Lisa, for having a PDF version of YOUR block available. It seems not all the participants did that & some weeks it was very difficult to print the instructions for future use. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

  53. I love the blocks and the fabric is beautiful. The quality and texture of the fabric is superb. I have enjoyed being a part of theSew Along. Thanks to all who made it possible.

  54. Good job, Lisa! I haven’t had an opportunity to start my actual blocks but look forward to it soon. Each block has been exceptional in design and in fabric choices. Thanks for all of the hard work each of you have put into this project. I look forward to your next adventure–hopefully in Civil War reproduction fabrics as well.

  55. Good morning,& TGIF. Thank you ladies for all you’re hard work & I really love that coin purse. My grandmother/godmother used to have one like that. Fond memories. Again, thanks for all the work that went into planning, & can’t wait to see the quilt top,

  56. It’s been a lovely sew-along. The colors are perfect for autumn and winter. Thanks to Marcus Fabrics for sponsoring the program! Can’t wait to see the quilt revealed next week.

  57. Tied up with other projects so couldn’t keep up with this but have saved these blocks as they are all so inspiring – looking forward to the reveal and planning my own !

  58. love, love, love this block….i can’t wait for the reveal….this has been a super fun sew along…ideal for those of us with busy quilting lives….i might even get this one finished this year…LOL

  59. This has been so fun anticipating each week what the new block would look like. . .almost like Christmas, but better because it’s quilting!! Thank you for sharing your talents with each of us that are participating. Can’t wait to see the final “reveal”.

  60. good morning,
    l’m having my coffee and enjoying looking at the new block. l just love all the fabrics chosen for this project and l appreciate the efforts of all the designers who made this such a fun sew-along. l would love to win the fabrics to add to my reproduction stash and use in future quilts. The memory of winning the fabrics would make the next quilts extra special. Thank you, thank you…………;-)
    JoAnn Borges

  61. The reds are my favorite. It has been so much fun following along in this project. Thank you for the patterns and thanks for the chance to win! ljbisme at msn dot com

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  63. This has been sooooo much fun and 10 weeks is just the perfect amount of time . What about doing another in January or February to take us into spring??

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  67. oh, those reds do look delicious, like a crisp fall apple, thanks for the giveaway and for the block. It’s been a blast following along. Have loved this little project and can’t wait to put it all together!

  68. This was my first sew/block/quilt a long. I learned so many things and I am going to miss the “personal tutoring”. If there is a name that this quilt will be gifted with I am sure it will be well thought. However, mine will always be called “Rail Road Crossing”. It has been a wonderful time for me to reflect on the love from my grandpa who is since passed. The very first block I made from the cutting of the fabrics to creating invoked feelings of love. For 7 weeks I was able to think of him and the many years he spent “laying track” and creating the great rail road of this nation. Thank you and Blessings Abound!

  69. It has been grat fun looking for a new block in my Friday emails. Thank you all for a job well done.

  70. I can’t believe that this project is winding down. It has been great fun looking for the new posts on Friday mornings. Thank you all.

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  73. Love the colors! Yrs ago these colors would not have drawn me in like they do now! The purse is so cute. I’ll have to make a few of those!

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