The Crow Girls Love Aurifil Cotton Mako 28wt

As if the excitement from yesterday’s blog post wasn’t enough, several samples of Aurifil Cotton Mako 28wt thread arrived at the office, in colors selected by the Quilted Crow Girls specifically for THE SEASONS WOOL COLLECTION.  Gorgeous, lustrous threads — I had to show them off! Their picks include:  2887 (lighter green) and 5012 (darker green) 2630 (charcoal), 2468 (burgundy-brown), 2460 (pomegranate), 1310 (slate blue), 2975 (a gorgeous gold!) and 2445 (a rose pink).  We can see why the Girls prefer this thread for their wool-on-cotton applique projects. Thanks to Aurifil for the samples!





5 thoughts on “The Crow Girls Love Aurifil Cotton Mako 28wt

  1. me podrías indicar donde puedo comprar estos hilos en España, vivo en Llerida y no se donde dirigirme para adquirirlos me quedaría muy agradecida
    un saludo

  2. Crow Girls seem to be amazing! Australians know how to show the world what quilting is all about. Will be looking to get myself their new book.

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