Overdyeing = Fun Color Transformations…

Did you catch the recent AllPeopleQuilt.com blogpost on overdyeing? It’s an easy technique that never gets old, and we were happy to see that APQ editor Linda Augsburg recently discovered our overdyeing feature and some of my projects on the all-new RIT website, and shared them with readers.

What’s great about overdyeing is that it’s not only useful for drastic color changes – sometimes you just want to intensify a lighter shade, or “warm up” a fabric’s tone with a bit of yellow, or use a tan dye, applied unevenly, to give an aged effect, the perfect touch for reproduction quilts. Aren’t you just dyeing to try it?

3 thoughts on “Overdyeing = Fun Color Transformations…

  1. Anything that seems a wee bit too stark white for my reproductions gets soaked for five minutes in warm water into which ½ a cup of Arm & Hammer’s Washing Soda has been dissolved, then it is simmered for twenty minutes in a large pot of leftover stale coffee on the stove. It always looks authentic!

    • I’ve used tea the same way in a pinch, but I prefer to use RIT’s actual Tea Dye when possible since I was warned about the acids in tea and how they might affect fabrics over time. So far, no problems, but it’s good to have alternatives! The coffee dye probably looks authentic because old quilts also had authentic coffee stains on them ; )

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