This Year’s “Must-Have” Palettes, In Shops NOW!

SPICE PALETTE - This Year’s “Must-Have” Palettes, Available TODAYHave you noticed these gorgeous color palettes? They’re everywhere, from interior design to fashion to quilting.

Simple but sophisticated, it’s the subtle shades and detailed patterns that make SPICE PALETTE’s rich golds and warm, muted greys among the season’s most stashworthy looks.

CINNAMON & HONEY and CARAWAY & CARDAMOM work beautifully in traditional and trendy quilt designs alike.  You’ll also LOVE them as interesting backgrounds for your own creativity, whether you like to embroider, applique, bead or otherwise embellish!  And best of all, these must-haves are available in your favorite quilt shops NOW, ready to enjoy all year-long.


3 thoughts on “This Year’s “Must-Have” Palettes, In Shops NOW!

  1. On a totally unrelated subject, but still to do with Marcus Bros. I sewed in the Friends and Companions, Marcus Brothers Sew Along last summer. I incorporated my blocks in a civil war quilt. The blocks were great by the way, and it was a fun summer project. But the blocks we were sent didn’t have names.Could you please tell me the name of the blocks we used? Thanks so much.

  2. Both of these collections look like great additions for my stash. I’ll be looking for them!

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