We’re Seeing RED, and Loving It!

It’s not that red hasn’t always been a favorite color among stylemakers, but we love how it continues to evolve and reinvent itself in every possible category.  Soon we’ll introduce gorgeous new RED collections from Paula Barnes and Faye Burgos (stay tuned for details on these) and we already know red-lovers can’t get enough of Pam Buda’s prairie inspiration!

we're seeing red...and loving it

So we thought we’d put together a visual of some favorite reds among the Marcus crew — the Brick, Madder, Tomato, Lipstick, or New Car red that excites each of us the most. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

1- Stephanie is beaming in her first red car. She says it changes shades of red depending on the light, so it’s like she got a two-fer…

2- Mechelle, our resident foodie, prefers to eat & drink her reds rather than drive them – Red Velvet cupcake, anyone?

3- Lisa is transfixed by brick red Ghanaian batiks like this one from her personal stash; creases add to their authenticity.

4- Brandy shows off her vacation home – not really! (Photo: www.alexpapachristidis.com)

5- One of the new looks Mechelle is saving for later in the season – as always, she’s on-trend, pairing red with neutral greys & cream…

6- The Japanese maple on Lisa’s front lawn needs no explanation

7- Faye always loved the high energy of red. Her “Elvis” Beanie Baby is a  a gift from her cousin, Dell that makers her smile

8- Laura shows off her most prized red shoes…and how well they frame her picture-perfect pedi.

9- There’s usually something fun and trendy to be found on Pati’s desk, at random. I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried…

Which one speaks to you the loudest?  Vote for your favorite in the Comments below for the chance to win a “Random Reds” fabric pack. (They’re so random, I haven’t even selected them yet, but you’ll love them…) We’ll draw one lucky name next Wed!

70 thoughts on “We’re Seeing RED, and Loving It!

  1. i am having a hard time choosing between 6, and 4! Love them both for the same reason. There are so many different rich red tones in both. But red in any shade makes my heart sing!

  2. Love them all, the Japanese Maple in the yard is just beautiful !!!

  3. Perfect fabric for Honor Flight quilts! My guild has just voted to get involved with this project. Our first sew-in is coming up.

  4. I love the on trend outfit in #5! Red is my favorite color, and the back and grey are the perfect accents!

  5. I love #6…my favorite season, and red is one of my favorite colors. Love those fabrics!

  6. I forgot to put #4 in my comment. I like all the pictures, so I guess a decision slipped my mind.

  7. 6. Is my favorite because I Love outdoors. The Japanese maple on Lisa’s front lawn needs no explanation

  8. I choose #5 because it looks like 1950’s color red that I’m painting on my sewing room walls. I love that red! Bright and bold and wearing a outfit like that is a awesome statement of awesome!.

  9. I love a great brick red like the shoes in picture 8, especially paired with chartreuse and gray! Very classic yet of the minute!

  10. Number 9 RED speaks volumes to me because I love ALL reds and different colors go with different settings! Also depends on the time of the year what shade I crave!! RED is my FAVORITE color!!!

  11. My choice is #6 the Japanese Maple. It was a hard choice between the maple or the lovely red boudoir. 🙂

  12. We love RED! We are in the process of residing our house from ugly yellow to Barn Red with white trim! I also named my pattern company Red House Designs!

  13. All pictures 1-9 have an exciting red color. My two favorites are 6 and 9. # 6 reminds me of the vibrant colors of the trees back home in New England in the fall. People come from foreign countries to see this beautiful sight. My favorite has to be the red fabric in number 9. Being a beginner quilter I simply can’t get enough fabric, I think some say it’s an addiction. I dream of one day making hundreds of quilts. Wish me luck. Thank you Marcus Fabrics.

  14. Not so easy. The red wallpaper is definitely No. 1 but who can resist red shoes?
    Shoes at 1 1/2.

  15. RED is my favorite color!! I wear red, decorate with red and sew red!! My favorite would be the red car or the red maple. I have two Japanese Maples in my yard and never tire of looking at those two trees.

  16. I’m am totally a RED lover. Each picture sparks an excitement of creativity making it hard to choose. #9 Japanese Maple might be one of my favorites.

  17. just purchased 3 yards for my EPP project
    2” black and white hexagons, set in columns with red diamonds separating the hexies.

  18. My first brand new car was a candy apple Nova, 1970 and I have had lots of different red cars since (my husband loves new cars). My bedroom is red right now and who knows what comes next. 🙂

  19. I think a red car is the coolest! I miss my red Town & Country! My next car will be red!

  20. While my llast car was a racy red, I’d have to choose number 9! Fabrics in various shades of red say luxury to me and have that luscious feel that makes you want to stroke them!
    Wrap me in red! (Quilted of course)

  21. I’m a lover of reds also. So easy to incorporate into any situation, #6 is my favorite picture. Not that I don’t love the others.

  22. Red is my favourite colour so it is hard to pick a favourite. Upon reflection I will choose no. 9 as the wonderful bundle of fabric offers so many possibilities.

  23. I love the look of # 4 as show reds in different prints. Also I love the blue tone of red in the colour wheel and this shows that so well. Happy Stitching.

  24. The red maple is my favorite. ever since the res and white quilt show in New York a few years ago, I have fallen for red quilts and what to make one. thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Definitely #6…Japanese Maple…love that tree so gorgeous when the leaves are that

  26. Oh, the Japanese Maple tree! Nature knows how to do red. And green. And blue. And brown, yellow, orange . . . . . . .

  27. The Japanese Red Maple really speaks to me, as every yard should have that pop of color.

  28. Number 3 speaks the loudest to me. I love red and I love batiks so that makes a win-win combination to me!

  29. I love RED and Marcus reds are my favorites. I’m hungry now so the red food in #2 is calling to me.

  30. I vote for #8 the red sandals. My sister is always looking for the pair of perfect red sandals. They are harder to find than you might think!

  31. I love red too! Barn red and Turkey red are favorites. Love the red fabric in #3.
    And would love to win!

  32. I love them all! Red is my neutral. It goes with everything. If I HAD to pick a favorite, it would be the Maple tree. However, I would use the fabrics and book in #9, and the batik in #3, and I could live the rest of my life in that room, #4! Thanks for the great article, the giveaway and all the wonderful fabrics over the years!

  33. I love red so much! The maple tree is awesome, but the collection of reds in the fabric is right up there. Thanks for the chance to win some fabric in my favorite color.

  34. I really like 4–it seems like a lot of motion, but the solid red tames the whole picture. Certainly not restful!

  35. Of course it would be #9 for me as I am trying to build some stash! I am a fairly new quilter and have not gathered lots of stash yet.

  36. Geez-that is HARD! So I narrowed it down to (2) the red velvet cupcake um-m-m-m, but I also really liked (8) the red shoes-those are so-o me. But the red velvet might go to my hips and the shoes just might not go with my wardrobe, however, that bundle of fabric (9) COULD LAST FOREVER (IN A QUILT). so I am voting for No. 9 the fabric. You can’t have too much red fabric!

  37. Number 4 speaks to me but what fabric line is it and what designer, Faye?

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