Past Endearments, as Interpreted by Lynn Wilder

We always love to see what Lynn Wilder’s been up to, and this particular blog posts shows off her interpretation of Judie Rothermel’s PAST ENDEARMENTS collection. Judie’s mix of cool pinks and blues with warm neutrals create a beautiful trans-seasonal look.  Once you’ve taken it all from this in-progress photo, be sure to read the full post at her Sew’n Wild Oaks blog, because there Lynn explains her Patchwork Math method for creating the blocks.  Thanks, Lynn!

past endearments - Lynn Wilder

2 thoughts on “Past Endearments, as Interpreted by Lynn Wilder

  1. Wonderful line, as always; love Judie’s 19th Century reproductions. Speaking of which, any chance that Conversational Classics will return or be reissued? Is there a chance for Conversational Classics II? Ever? Perhaps few conversational prints in future lines?

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