The Tributes and Treasures GIVEAWAY Begins NOW!

Since our last post about the new book by the ladies of Red Crinoline Quilts, an office copy has arrived, and it just as fabulous as we knew it would be!  As promised, we’ve partnered up with Martingale for a fabric-and-book double giveaway, both here and on the Martingale blog.  

Red Crinoline Quilts fabric and book giveaway

Are you already a fan of Paula Barnes fabrics, or just now discovering them?  Maybe you’ve already been collecting the patterns from this design duo.  Either way, you’ll love these designs, and the lucky winner will receive a great fabric bundle of assorted prints by Paula to get started!  Just leave a comment below, and be sure you’re subscribed to the Marcus Mentions blog (scroll down to the sign-up box on the right).  Subscriber comments received by next Wednesday, October 14 will be eligible for the Marcus drawing.

REMINDER: If you’re a quilt shop owner attending Quilt Market in a couple of weeks, Paula and Mary Ellen will sign a limited number of free copies at our book signing on Sunday, October 25 at 12:00 noon (Marcus booth # 1022).  Join us, and be sure to arrive early!

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341 thoughts on “The Tributes and Treasures GIVEAWAY Begins NOW!

  1. Love vintage, patterns and fabrics. Red Crinoline and Marcus together can’t be beat.

  2. Beautiful fabrics and the book looks like one I should be adding to my collection of quilting books!

  3. I love the quilt on the book cover. I’m sure the book will be full of great quilts to make!


  4. I haven’t won a giveaway in a long time but I just had to enter to try to win this beautiful bundle of delicious fabrics! Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Paula’s fabric and pattern designs are irresistible for any civil war reproduction lover… absolutely beautiful and a must-have stash enhancer! Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  6. I’m already a fan of Paula’s fabrics & RCQ patterns. This new book looks wonderful. Thanks for the chance to be a winner.

  7. I have been a fan of Paula Barnes fabric and patterns for quite a long time. Would love to win.

  8. I absolutely love the fabric AND the book….what a great combination! The book looks beautiful and so inspirational. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  9. Love Paula Barnes fabrics. My sister and I are going to IQF in Houston at the end of the month from Ontario, Canada. My plan is to purchase as much fabric as I can and guess who’s will be at the top of my list??

  10. Paula Barnes creates fabric designs that are perfect for my English Paper Piecing motifs. I love her take on reproduction fabrics. The book looks to be a real keeper. Thanks for the chance to own a copy.

  11. Ahhh, I love Paula Barnes’ fabrics and her patterns! Thank you for the opportunity. I would be ecstatic to win! 🙂

  12. I am a big fan of Paula Barnes patterns and can’t wait to own this book. I love her designs and the fabric is wonderful!

  13. I love reproduction fabrics and would love to start a collection of fabrics designed by Paula Barnes.

  14. I just bought the e-book several days ago…love the patterns, and absolutely adore the fabrics!

  15. Reproduction are my favorite so there is no doubt in my mind that I am gonn love this book!!

  16. The fabric has some great prints and colors and that book looks devine. I’d love to win and thank you for such a great opportunity.

  17. No I am not familiar with her fabric but I would a chance to get to know it. The book look interesting and I bet I can find a pattern in there to make.

  18. A book by Red Crinoline?! I don’t even have to see inside to know it’s on my wish list! I have a couple of Red Crinoline patterns & more are on my wishlist! I must confess that my collection of Repro fabric to make them is still lacking though! (Hint! Hint!)
    So happy to have been steered to your blog so I could read about this and all the great happenings at Marcus! I’m all signed up now!

  19. What lovely warm feeling fabrics! These prints and colors would make up into such a comforting quilt to snuggle under….

  20. Besides the obvious thrill of winning fabric (and this is exquisite!) and a book, one of the things I like about these giveaways is the chance to sign up for different blogs – I didn’t know about the Marcus blog prior to this giveaway – now I’m signed up – yay!


  21. I can’t buy any of this lovely fabric locally and would love to make a quilt out of this fabric.

  22. New subscriber, and these fabrics and the book look fabulous. Just the kind of quilts I love to make. Thanks for a chance to win a bundle of the Paula Barnes fabrics!

  23. I would love to win some of this beautiful fabric.. and the book is on my wish list. Thanks for a chance

  24. Paula’s designs are gorgeous and I love the quality of Marcus fabrics. I will be adding her book to my Civil War collection.

  25. I’m soooo excited to hear about this book! I love Red Crinoline Quilts, I have a couple of their patterns, and have more on my wish list. I confess though, I don’t have very much in my fabric stash yet that is appropriate to make them! This is the perfect giveaway!. So happy to have been steered to your blog and subscribed so I can keep up with the goings on at Marcus!

  26. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a talk by Paula Barnes at my local guild in Houston in August. Paula is very inspirational when she talks about growing her business from just working with her friend down the street, Mary Ellen Robison, to finding inspiration in vintage quilts. She showed many of her quilts and identified the fabric lines that she had created often for that very quilt! I have a few of Paula’s fabrics mixed in with other reproductions as I work on her pattern “Kennesaw Mountain.” I want to continue to collect Paula’s fabrics to make more of her beautiful patterns!

  27. I am currently working on a quilt that includes some of Paula’s fabrics. Just love them. One can never have too many, though.

  28. One of the first quilts I made about 10 years ago was with Reproduction fabrics and that started my love affair with these fabrics. Would love to win – it is a fabulous prize.

  29. Whenever I attend a quilt show with a vendor mall I look for the Red Crinoline booth. I stand and try to absorb the wonderful quilts I always see there. I look forward to seeing Paula and Mary Ellen’s new patterns!

  30. I’m not familiar with their work, but I like what I see. The fabric is beautiful, & the pattern shown on cover of book is interesting.

  31. I have been a fan of Red Crinoline quilts for years — have used their patterns and Marcus fabrics and have loved them all. Can’t wait to see this new book!

  32. Such a beautiful cover quilt! I would love to get this book so it’s now on my wish list…

  33. Big Fan of Paula Barnes!! Would be super excited to win this fabric bundle and Paula’s new book!!

  34. One of my quilting sisters would adore this bundle and put to use immediately crafting a quilt . Thank you so much

  35. I love those fabrics! I could add them to my collection for making my daughter’s Queen size quilt! Thanks!

  36. Paula’s fabrics make up a good percentage of my Civil War-focused stash. Her collections are beautifully designed and never repetitious.

  37. I am subscribed by email. I love traditional quilts and am attracted to the projects in this book for that reason. Beautiful fabrics and the cover quilt is gorgeous. Thank you.

  38. Beautiful Fabrics!! Love any book that deals with Civil War Quilts/Fabrics.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  39. Those reproduction fabrics are just delicious and who wouldn’t like to have them and the book to make a winning combination.

  40. Who wouldn’t love those reproduction fabrics, they are just ‘luscious, and the book has got to be a winner too.

  41. I am new to quilting and new to these fabrics, but they look gorgeous. I love the vintage look and would love to make a quilt with these fabrics.

  42. I have made at least 3 of her quilts and have patterns waiting….BUT I would love to have the book and fabric to start another soon. I just bought one of her blacks to make Oak Alley and there are a couple of patterns in the book that I don’t have and would dearly love. And FABRIC, Oh My! I always love fabric. Hope I win, sure would make me happy.

  43. I love the rich warm colors of the fabrics. So cozy looking and there is not one pattern that I do not like in the book!

  44. Love your reproduction fabrics and Tributes and Treasures is a beautiful book. They compliment each other totally.Congratulations, a great achievement. Thank you for so much inspiration to get stitching.

  45. Lovely fabrics and pattern book! Great give-away! Thanks for the opportunity to (maybe) win! Fingers crossed! (:

  46. I would have never thought of myself as a person to like the reproduction quilts and fabrics but lately I am leaning that way.

  47. I am in 2 Civil War quilting groups and love them both. They are challenging but I love the Civil War fabrics and patterns. Would love to win this book and fabric for more quilting ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  48. I am looking forward to seeing this book in person, since reproduction quilts are my favorite type to make. Paula’s fabrics are a treat to work with.

  49. I began collecting Reproduction fabrics last year. I have some of Paula Barnes and love them. I have shifted over to working on Australian quilts and such a challenge and they use so many of the wonderful reproduction fabrics. I would love to win the bundle fabrics.

  50. Really like the lighter coloration of your quilts-so many of the reproduction quilts are darkish and drab. But, you have brought light into them and they shine!

  51. Love the fabric and the book is beautiful too. I can see myself using them to make a great quilt.

  52. I love Paula’s fabrics. In fact, when I’m drawn to a fabric when shopping, I almost always find that it’s Paula’s. That book is on my Christmas list … but I don’t know if I can wait that long!

  53. The book & retro Civil War fabrics are a perfect match for the vintage inspired quilts.

  54. Paula and Mary Ellen have always designed wonderful fabric and great patterns. I’m so excited they have finally written a book! Thank you for the opportunity to add this book or more of their great fabric, to my collection.

  55. I love reproduction fabrics and a book quilts and patterns would be so inspiring! Lovely fabric in the picture. I think I may even have some of Paula’s in my stash somewhere.

  56. I’ve been a fan of Paula’s designs since she first taught classes in Katy, TX. She and Mary Ellen are a superb team. Their new book AND fabrics- what more could a Reproduction addict ask for ??!!

  57. Love the colors and prints on these fabrics! And the patterns on the cover of the book are so wonderful.

  58. I am a subscriber to Marcus Fabrics newsletter/blog. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! I love Paula’s patterns and fabrics.

  59. Awesome giveaway! I’m always looking for a new book to add to my quilting library and the fabric is really pretty.

  60. Beautiful fabrics! I have not noticed her fabrics before, because I don’t know much about specific fabric designers, but I LOVE reproduction prints. Thanks for the chance!

  61. I love Red Crinoline patterns and Paula’s fabrics are wonderful! Civil War reproductions are my favorites and Marcus does them so well! Keep up the good work.

  62. I have made 2 quilts that were Paula Barnes. The fabric was beautiful and her instructions are always very understandable and helpful. I am still fairly new at quilting and this giveaway would sure help be build my stash! The book would be a Treasure!

  63. This book is geious! I saw it elsewhere, and saw more quilts from the book. Love those fabrics together! Thanks for showing them.

  64. I am looking forward to following this blog and can’t say enough about how excited I am to get a copy of this book. Hoping I win one, then I won’t have to and what a great opportunity to enjoy those beautiful fabrics as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  65. New subscriber to your newsletter but a long time collector of your wonderful fabrics. I have a nice collection of your reproduction fabrics and love to plan quilts around them.

  66. I haven’t tried a vintage reproduction quilt yet but I love all that I have seen. It would be fun to give one a try and this looks like the perfect place to start.

  67. Love the looks of this fabric. Looks like a fall wall hanging in the making. thank you

  68. I’m a fan of civil war reproduction fabrics and this book would be the perfect reason to cut into my collection.

  69. I really enjoyed looking through your blog and I have signed up to receive emails. Looking forward to that. Really in love with what I have seen about your book and fabrics. Thanks.

  70. I love the new fabrics. I like the muted plain colors, as well as the prints. Sometimes I want a plain color, but have trouble finding them.

  71. Gorgeous fabrics & amazing quilts. Who wouldn’t love these eye candies? 🙂

  72. Awesome fabrics!! Gorgeous!!!! & would love to win them ,,, thank you for the chance! 🙂

  73. Have been a longtime fan of the Red Crinoline girls; would love to win some of Paula’s beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  74. I had not been a big fan of reproduction type quilts, but this book is amazing. The fabrics and patterns are exquisite. I am definitely verging this book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  75. Absolutely love that fabric. Would be a dream come true to win it and the book. Thank you for your generosity.

  76. So excited to make something from Paula and Mary Ellen’s new book…they are great ladies and so fun. They do such wonderful things for us quilters!

  77. The fabric is beautiful and I know the book is a must have for my library. Thank you for featuring them today!

  78. Absolutely lovely! As a lover of reproduction quilts and fabrics I thank you for offering this amazing giveaway!

  79. Beautiful quilts and just gorgeous fabric, would be honored to make one of these quilts!

  80. What a beautiful prize. When I saw the cover in the last post I had already decided I needed this book for my collection. To win a copy with fabric would just top it off.

  81. Absolutely love the fabric designs and patterns from Paula Barnes. Thanks for having her as one of your designers!

  82. Love Paula’s fabrics and patterns! Would lot win!
    For some reason can’t subscribe.

  83. I love Paula’s fabrics & patterns. I have made a few of her quilts and hope to make more. Winning this giveaway would be a great start.

  84. Love this book and have always loved the civil war prints. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  85. This is the first time I really looked at Paula and Mary Ann’s fabric designs and I love them. Looking forward to purchasing some to add to my quilts. Also excited about their new book.

  86. Congratulations Paula and Mary Ellen on your new book. I love the cover and can’t wait to see what’s inside!

  87. I love Red Caroline’s designs and Paula’s fabric ranges. It is so exciting they gave printed their first book, congratulations to Paula and Mary Ellen

  88. Oh, what a beautiful pattern and lovely fabrics! I would be so appreciative and thankful to receive either of them! Thanks so much for this grand opportunity!

  89. Love reproduction fabrics, and would love to use them with one of the patterns in the book!

  90. I am anxious to see your new book and the fabrics look fabulous as yours usually do. Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. love the beautiful fabrics. i am an obsessive quilter. These would make a beautiful quilt. Thanks

  92. Love love love the new line and combined in her awesome quilts one could not go wrong. Thanks for the chance to win

  93. These reproduction fabrics look so gorgeous! Thanks a lot for the chance to win.
    Have a nice day!
    Ghislaine in France

  94. I so love this book. I’m a fan of traditional patterns. Love the fabrics!

  95. I love reproduction fabrics and have bought and admired Paula’s fabrics for several years. I have also met this great innovative duo at Quilt Festival and they were charming. I would love to win this awesome fabric bundle! Follow the blog.

  96. I love the patterns by the gals at Red Crinoline. This book is a must for me and the fabrics by Paula are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. Such warm and welcoming fabrics. Would love to wrap up in a quilt made from them so if I don’t win guess I’ll have to make a trip to the LQS.

  98. Looking for projects both my mom and I like and ironically we both like the Civil War reproductions just haven’t been able to dive into a project yet. Her favorite fabrics are the miniature prints and dark colors this would be a great bundle to split with her and each make half the quilt. See how well each of us does :). I’ll have to add this info to my Pinterest board all the same, this is a new fabric designer for me, thanks!

  99. I’m repro all the way. So happy for you girls and your book. Congratulations- Kaye

  100. Love these fabrics! Bet that book is full of more wonderful designs! Saw their post on this wonderful giveaway on their blog! All signed up with you all now as well.

  101. I’m a huge fan of Marcus Brothers’ reproduction fabrics because I can trust them to be authentic Civil War era designs printed upon GREAT quality cotton! It allows me to order online where I am buying the goods without touching the hand of the cloth before buying it. Marcus never disappoints me.

  102. thank you for the awesome opportunity to win this great prize. I’ve been a big fan of Red Crinoline for years and have made several of their quilts. Thank you

  103. What a beautiful book and the quilts are gorgeous-lovely fabrics and great patterns.

  104. What beautiful quilts and congratulations on your new book. It is something that we have all been waiting for. The fabrics in the quilts are so pretty and colorful.

  105. Beautiful fabric. I love repro fabrics. Congratulations on your first book. It looks awesome. thank you for the chance to win!


  106. The fabric colors are beautiful and the pattern looks like a great one to showcase the fabrics.

  107. I love the look of the civil war quilts and fabrics. What a wonderful give-away!

  108. what beautiful fabrics! and to use them with one of the patterns in this book would be an honor!

  109. Oh my goodness – beautiful fabric. I can hardly wait to find them in our local fabric stores. Their book would be a great addition to any quilters library.

  110. I would love to win this book of wonderful quilts and the beautiful fabric heres to winning I have never won something like this amazing give away

  111. Paula does a fantastic job with her books and fabric lines. I would love to own both. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I love both the fabric and the civil war quilts in the book! I would love to win these and get started on a new quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. What grand prize to win. I would be overjoyed to be have both book and the reproduction fabric. Thank you for a chance to win .

  114. Sallies quilt is beautiful! Tributes and Treasures looks amazing as do the gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for sharing!

  115. Civil war reproduction fabrics are a staple in my stash. The book appears to be a must have also.

  116. I would love to win these! I usually let the fabric tell me what to make or I have a pattern then find the fabrics to go with it.

  117. I love reproductions and the new book looks awesome–thanks for the chance to win!!

  118. There are a lot of beautiful quilts in the publication. I would love a chance to win. The gorgeous fat quarter bundle would be an added bonus. Thank you so much.

  119. I am subscribed to MarcusMentions and I’d love to win this book. I like all Red Crinoline patterns! And their fabrics!!

  120. Have used many a Marcus fabric over the years and have seen the Red Crinoline patterns but never had a chance to make one. Already see a few from the book that could easily be added to the “To Do” list!

  121. Love Paula and Mary Ellen’s patterns so I know I will love this book and of course their new fabric line! I own many of Paula’s fabrics already but await the new ones!

  122. I absolutely adore Paula’s fabrics. You can never have too much!! Currently I am using the Farmers Wife patterns with lots of her wonderful fabric.

  123. Hi Lisa:

    I love reproduction fabric. I am very stingy with it and make big block with itty-bitty pieces! I love Red Crinoline patterns. Even though I may not make the quilt, the pattern is a history lesson. Now with Tributes and Treasures, my Civil War library is complete! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!
    Love, love, love Marcus fabrics.
    Mary in New Braunfels, Texas

  124. So excited to follow your blog. Paula’s fabrics are absolutely wonderful! Can’t wait to get a copy of this great book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Have an excellent market.

  125. I like reproduction fabrics and would love to win this beautiful bundle. Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. I have followed these gals for a few years. It’s so thrilling to see they have produced a quilt book. I have a few of their patterns and love everything Civil War! Thanks! Just signed up to follow by email.

  127. I am just now discovering Paula Barnes’ fabrics and they are lovely! Now a fan of hers and this blog! Thanks!

  128. The fabrics are gorgeous. I have just started quilting and an noticing that I have an affinity for this style of fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the book and the wonderful ideas in it.

  129. I would love to win these fabric have been fan of Red Crinoline since they were blue

  130. I’ve been a fan of their fabric and patterns for a while. Can’t wait to win this wonderful book.

  131. I just LOVE Civil War fabrics; they seem to all go together so wonderfully. And this book has some especially lovely inspiration. I would just love to make that cover quilt.

  132. I love that fabric line……..what a treasure! The book is very exciting and looks like a careful record of quilts of that time period. Great!

  133. Wow, the fabrics look fantastic, and the book looks amazing! I would be honored to win them.

  134. I am so excited for this book and those fabrics look luscious! So fun to win – thanks for the chance, Mary

  135. I love Civil War reproduction fabrics and quilts! They are my favorites. I’ve loved Paula’s designs since she had her Bonnie Blue website and bought many of her patterns. Hope so much that I win!!!

  136. I love reproduction fabrics. First met Paula at NQA in Columbus, OH. Fell in love with her designs.

  137. Beautiful fabrics. I love the classic quilt patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. Another great civil war reproduction group, that I would love to win. Paula & Mary Ellen do such a great job with the design & color for their reproductions.
    We are so fortunate to still have some reproduction designers still producing great designs for us.

  139. Beautiful!…..having participated in the Judie Rothermel’s 25th anniversary contest, it is great to see so many lovely new fabric designs…..Yea, Red Crinoline Girls!!!

  140. I LOVE Paula’s fabrics & I’m sure I’d love to have the book to inspire me more! Thank you for this opportunity. I did try to subscribe to your blog, but only received an error report – 3 times. Please sign me up. Thanks again. Angelia

  141. What lovely fabric and a book to go with it.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!

  142. I’m a big fan of Marcus fabrics, and really like all of Paula’s lines.The patterns in the new book look wonderful, thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  143. I love civil war quilts. I’m in the process of making a trip around the world with them now.

  144. I’m already a fan 🙂 and this new book is definitely adding to my enthusiasm! The quilts in this book are lovely and inspiring. The quilt on the cover might be my favorite. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  145. Thanks for the contest! Paula Barnes is a wonderfully talented fabric designer and the book looks interesting!

  146. What a perfect book to inspire me to start cutting up that collection of reproductions fabrics I’ve started. With fall coming, what better way to bring some warmth and cozy colors into my home. Can’t wait to get started.

  147. I have been a fan of Paula Barnes designs for a long time. Would love to win a copy of this book and fabrics.

  148. I’ve been a lifelong quilter, now in my October years. I’ve been gearing up to make my first C/W quilt! Buying fabrics and dabbling in design, but none of it compares to this fabric line and fabulous book of beautiful patterns and stories. FINALLY, I have my c/w inspiration to start…….

  149. I am new to these fabrics and Love them, The book is on my list of things to buy also Thank You

  150. I’ve just now discovered Paula Barnes’ Fabrics and love, love, them! The “Tributes and Treasures” book would be a wonderful addition to my quilt books library. Thanks for this terrific giveaway!

  151. Beautiful fabrics and I am sure the book is just as great. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  152. The book looks great- there are so many patterns I hope I will make- have liked Paula’s fabic and patterns for a long time

  153. I have loved their quilts and Paula’s fabrics from when they were Bonnie Blue. Can’t wait to see the book.

  154. Civil War reproduction fabrics are my favorite category of fabrics and many of Paula Barnes’ fabrics are in my quilts.

  155. I can’t get enough of civil war repos, they speak to my heart. My husband and I visited Gettysburg for our honeymoon 20 years ago, we have visited many times over the years and are going back next week to experience the fall colors. I need to add this book to my collection and the lovely fabrics as well.

  156. I love Paula Barnes fabrics! I fell in love with Civil War reproduction fabrics back in 2009. There are so many nice patterns to make, and Tributes and Treasures looks like a fabulous resource.

  157. It’s a treasure and a pleasure to make quilts with reproduction fabrics. Would really like to have the new book!

  158. Although I’ve tried both modern and traditional quilts, my favourites are always the ones with reproduction fabrics.

  159. Love that fabric line and would love the opportunity to make a quilt from Tributes & Treasures.

  160. Exciting new book and wonderful fabric! Thanks for the chance to win! I am subscribed to this blog.

  161. Congratulations to Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison on your new book Tributes and Treasures. I would just love to win a copy of your book along with some Marcus fabrics. A civil war quilt is going to be one of this Winter’s quilt projects. My problem will be which one to pick first. These fabrics would be a beautiful addition to my civil war fabric stash to use on the quilt.

  162. The fabric is just lovely, but I just can’t wait to get my hands on your new book and enjoy each page while enjoying a cup of tea. Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. Tributes and Treasures are a must have book for me. Love anything with reproductions. Hope to win this book!

  164. I love, love, love the patterns and fabrics in this book. Would love to win the fabrics and book.

  165. I’m so excited about the new book. Paula and Mary Ellen always have designs I cannot resist!

  166. I adore Paula’s fabrics. I want to make the quilt that is on the cover of this new book. Love this reproductions….. Thanks

  167. The fabrics normally draw my eyes to the Civil War quilts. This book looks like one that needs to be in my collection.

  168. I just love Civil War reproduction fabrics! Have been a fan of Paula Barnes for a long time. Love this bundle & the book!
    I am a blog follower. Thank you for the opportunity.

  169. I’m a huge fan of Paula’s fabric and Red Crinoline quilt patterns. I think I have half of the pattern in the book as stand alone patterns but this will not stop me from getting the book! Gotta support the girls!! They are both superstars in my book!

  170. Thank you for the chance to acquire more reproduction fabric that I can work with using Paula and Mary Ann’s patterns

  171. I have been a huge fan of the fabric and patterns for years! Can’t wait to see the book!

  172. The colors are awesome! Just right for fall inspirations! Thanks for the chance to win.

  173. I can hardly wait to get a copy of Tributes and Treasure!! The fabric would be an great extra!!

  174. I have been a fan of Paula’s for a long time. Can’t wait to see this new book!

  175. Can’t wait to see this book! Like so many others, I’m a huge fan of Red Crinoline Quilts and have so much admiration for what these ladies do. Congratulations to everyone involved!

  176. To market, to market, I’m sad I cant go;
    With Paula, with Paula, at least I can sew!

  177. This book is definitely on my Wish List. Those quilts just make you feel like you are transformed to a time when quilts were such an important part of everyday life. I am so looking forward to making and adding several of these quilts to my collection.

  178. I am so addicted to Civil War reproduction fabrics, patterns, books, and stories. I love Paula and Mary Ellen. They are always so nice to take time to visit with you at Quilt Shows and Quilt Market. I would believe in Santa again if I were to be lucky enough to win this bundle of new fabrics and their new BOOK. Thank you for this opportunity.

  179. I so love reproduction fabric, the new book looks like one I need. My friends say I take them “to the dark side” since I keep taking more and more of them into the repro world. What a great world to take them to. Paula Barnes, keep those ideas and fabrics coming!

  180. A Paula Barnes book AND her fabric too ! ! ! ! ! What a combination. I would love to drool over the book and fabric, and then make a quilt (after everything dries out).

  181. I have been drooling over the quilts that are in this book. I would love to win the quilt book and fabric. Thank you for the opportunity.

  182. I always keep an eye out for new pattern and fabric. What a match you have with the new book and fabric!!!! Can’t wait to work on this project. Thanks Y’all. From Texas

  183. When I saw the first post about this book, I knew it was a must have. There isn’t anything the gals at Red Crinoline create that I don’t like. Having been a fan of their work for many years, I have enjoyed many of the patterns, blocks of the month, and kits that have been offered. I will definitely be purchasing the book, but it would be so nice to win a copy.

  184. I love Paul’s fabrics and this new line is another hit in my book. Her colorways are just so enticing. Can’t wait to see the new book! Would love to win this.

  185. I’ve been drooling over this book ever since I heard about it. I’d absolutely love to win this giveaway! Thanks for offering!

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