Win a “Book & Bundle” Giveaway from Marcus Fabrics and C&T Publishing!

CONTEST EXTENDED thru MONDAY, April 4, 2016!


We’re partnering with C&T Publishing to celebrate the release of Stashbusters!, the new book by Marcus fabric designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith.  If you subscribe to the Marcus and/or C&T email lists, you might have already received our email messages,  providing you with TWO great opportunities to win a “Book & Bundle” prize.  So, leave your comment below, now through Friday, April 1.  Winners will be chosen on Monday, April 4.

Win a "Book & Bundle" Giveaway from Marcus Fabrics and C&T Publishing!


In keeping with the creative, “stash” theme of the book, we’re putting together a bundle that represents various Marcus designers!  We’ll choose one winner, and our friends at C&T will do the same, so you’ll have double the chance to win… Good Luck!


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467 thoughts on “Win a “Book & Bundle” Giveaway from Marcus Fabrics and C&T Publishing!

  1. What a wonderful giveaway! I could use lots of help in organizing and using up my stash. What a reason to rebuild my stash!

  2. I love C & T. Publushing. I have many of their books. They sponsor The Quilt Show. I would like to learn to organize my scraps to use together in one or more quilts!

  3. Love new books.. try to make a project out of each book I get. Even if it is only a pot holder. 🙂

  4. I love scrap quilts but have trouble picking a good pattern. This would be wonderful inspiration to sew up more of my stash! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I love scrap quilts and I need to use my stash. I’m sure I would love this quilt book.

  6. Interesting looking book. The aim of diminishing stash, admirable. Winning, priceless. And I’d be ever so, ever so, grateful.

  7. This book looks awesome. I love scrappy quilts but struggle to pick out the fabric for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. What a wonderful looking book. Can’t wait for it to be available, or to win it 🙂

  9. Love, love, love the Marcus fabrics and the book looks like a smash hit! So inspiring to see all of the beautiful quilts being made!

  10. Am trying to learn quilting and winning books and fabric are a god send.

  11. There is just something about a scrap quilt that makes my heart sing. What a wonderful book. And I don’t know one quilter that ever says they have enough fabric.

  12. Wowza!! I would love to win this prize…Scrap quilts are my favorite types of quilts…I just love playing in scraps!! Can’t wait to see the patterns in this book…

  13. S – Seriously
    T – Toppling
    A – Allover
    S – Surfaces & Shelves
    H – HELP
    …but I wouln’t want it any other way. Stash busting books justify it. LOL

  14. Any book that gives me strategies to slash my stash is good – especially when the quilts are so pretty.

  15. Scrap quilting and stash busting are definitely a skill set I’d like to work on. The book looks lovely and more fabric is always good!

  16. I absolutely love scrap quilts and collect others scraps at my guild meetings but could use help being controlled.

    I always figure if 3 fabrics are good then 30 or 60 are better. They may be in 3 colors, but lots of variety. SOOOOOOOO that makes LOTS of scraps……for MORE scrappy quilts!!!!

  18. I would love to have access to the wonderful ideas in the Stashbusters book. The Putty and Mortar fabric line looks very appealing too.

  19. Sarah is right that fabric colors go in trends. Having lots of trouble finding water type fabric and Dusty Pink. Looks like a great book!

  20. I just completed organizing my stash room, so now I can use the Stashbusters book to make the quilts! If I’m not a winner, I will definitely purchase the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  21. I would love to win the book and fabric!! I just love to make scrappy quilts and would enjoy the new patterns!

  22. The book cover is beautiful. Would love to win this. Good Luck to all who enter!

  23. Sarah and Dolores’ quilt designs ALWAYS catch my eye and I am so, so excited to see their new book out !! I don’t think there’s a quilter anywhere who DOESN’T need real help busting their stash ! Thanks for the chance to win !!

  24. I absolutely love making scrap quilts. This book looks like a winner! I would love to win it.

  25. As a member of the yahoo quilting group with the same name as this book you know this will be a must have for me. I am always looking for patterns to help me bust my stash so I look forward to seeing this book. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  26. I have so many scraps. I just ticked off a quilt from my bucket list. I made a civil war scraps barn raising log cabin quilt. Felt great to use up some scraps! First time I’ve done that 🙂

  27. my daughter told me my fabrics are reproducing! So help me win so I can get control of my stash!

  28. I love the scrap quilts, and am always looking for insights on how to make all the scraps work together. I love the quilt on the cover of the book, so warm and inviting. I also need to start busting my stash.

  29. I absolutely LOVE scrappy quilts! Looks like a great book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  30. My stash is getting crazy and since I’m new to quilting/sewing any help will be most welcomed.

  31. I’d love to learn more about their controlled scrappy quilts. It sound like just the thing to reduce the number of random one yard cuts in my stash.

  32. These two talented ladies are two of my favorite designers! And I definitely need to get my stash under control so I think this book is one I have to get! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. What a winning combination, Marcus fabric and a Scrap dwindling book from CT to find a great pattern. I’m in!

  34. I love scrap quilts! Looks like a great book!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  35. Not sure this is the right place to enter your contest but here’s my enry. Thank you for all the beautiful fabric and projects. Pierrette Marsh

  36. Stash busting is what I need!! Scrappy quilts are so fun to make, but still require planning. And it looks like these authors have lots of tips to share in their new book. Thanks 🙂

  37. If I win, I want to donate the book to the Thames River Quilters Guild in Ledyard, CT. Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. The quilt on the cover of the book is beautiful! I love working with scraps, thank you for the chance to win!

  39. I LOVE the Pathway to the Stars quilt. While I love scrappy quilts, I find actually using all my scraps intimidating. In the past I have given the scraps to my guild for their community quilt projects, but maybe now I will be inspired to try my own hand at a scrappy quilt. Thanks, all, for the kick in the pants!

  40. I’m always looking for new ways to use my stash and new quilting patterns. Would love to win a copy of Stashbusters!

  41. Scrap quilts are some of favorites. Tips on using up the stash are always welcome.

  42. I think it’s so funny to ask and answer the question on how to replenish our stash. If you love fabric that’s usually not a problem LOL. Thanks for the fun

  43. I LOVE Maxwell and Smith’s patterns! They’re always just so comfortable. The trouble is deciding which one to make first. Can’t wait to see the book.

  44. I love scrappy quilts and save even the smallest scraps. You never know when you might need them in an applique project. Right now I’m making table toppers using half square triangles made from the little triangles that are cut off when making flying geese. Want not waste not lol!!

  45. I’m a huge fan of Marcus Fabrics so it would be great to have a book by some of their designers to help use those fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I have a stash that will last me a lifetime. I am always looking for great patterns for my stash.

  47. “Stashbusters!” looks like the help I’ve been waiting for! My stash is getting out of hand, and this book would be a big help in taming it.

  48. What an awesome giveaway! I love the FQ fabrics & Stashbusters would be a great book to own. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. Great book, I would love to make these quilts with my scraps, especially my reproduction fabrics.

  50. I have an out of control stash because I love fabric. I wish I could take more time to make my stash into quilts.

  51. My stash is getting lonely through neglect. It has been a winter of health problems, so I haven’t spent much time in my studio. Ideas are always welcome, and the beginning of something new.

  52. I absolutely *love* the “Putty and Mortar” fabric collection. I’ve seen other fabric collections deal with neutrals, alas, and fail to differentiate the colors, values, and/or scale(s) of prints. “Putty and Mortar,” at least to my eye, is terrific on all counts!

    I’d have more to say about “Revved Up Retro,” but I already have SO MUCH FABRIC in these colors and print scales that it’s embarrassing, esp. for someone who likes (at least to *wear*!) neutrals plus emerald green or cobalt blue. Yep, those yellows, fuchsias, bright blues and greens, and zing-y (is that a word?) reds and oranges all have a home in my stash already.

    But, hey: I could always find a home for more fabric–and a book on how to use it up! 🙂

  53. Love the scrappy quilts especially the quilt on the cover. Hope I can win the book or the lovely fabric. Helen

  54. Love the scrappy quilts especially the one on the cover. I would love to win either the book or the fabric.
    Helen Jaroslawski

  55. I appreciate you both designing and working together to bring us all the wonderful posts you share. This is an amazing giveaway.

  56. thanks for the chance to win! i love to use fabrics I already have and love scrap quilts. i like the texture that many shades of color bring to a project.

  57. I love having a way to use up all these little bits I have been saving for years. Lovely quilts, both of them.

  58. I love making scrap quilts and patterns that help me use my stash are great! thanks for the chance to win this book.

  59. I sooooo need this book…..have lots of scraps and need some ideas on how to use them up…..

  60. I love organized scrappy quilts, but would love some fresh ideas. Maybe I’ll win this and be able to use up some of my stash as well as the give-away fabric. I’ll be waiting at my mailbox! LOL

  61. Those are beautiful quilts. I love the colors. I like a scrappy quilt with one other constant fabric to bring it together.

  62. I’ve got over 40 years of quilting scraps, and luckily, scrap quilts are my absolute favorite type of quilt. I’m always looking for new ideas to use more scraps – not only is it thrifty (that’s me!), colorful and fun for me, but it pays homage to our quilting sisters of generations past who quilted not only out of love but necessity. I would love to win the book and fabrics, it would be lovely to make our two adult children quilts for their beds. Thank you for the giveaway!

  63. Wonderful scrap quilting!! Great giveaway. My stash and I are hoping!!
    Thanks for such a chance.

  64. Scraps are my favorite fabric and every color is welcome on my cutting table. I am trying to do a bit more controlled “scrappy” but sometimes chaos takes over and I go with the flow! Book looks wonderful!

  65. Oh, I’ve got plenty of scraps that I’d love to use in new ways! I’m kind of a scrappy girl in the quilt world, so more designs are always welcome!

  66. I would love to win this. I am a fairly new quilter and am still trying to build my stash and library of patterns

  67. I’m a scrappy quilter! I’m always looking for new patterns for my scraps.

  68. I would love to have this book. I have a medium size of stash to use with this book.

  69. I can’t bear to throw away even the smallest scrap, so I’ve got quite a collection. I would love this book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. I love to see new ideas for using scraps from all kinds of quilters. I am one of those quilters who is looking around at my overflowing scrap bins and wondering what to do next. What a great idea for a book!

  71. I have been cutting stash and trying to organize my fabric – ready to make a fun scrappy quilt.

  72. We’re ready to reduce the stash (then shop for more.) Love new patterns and ideas.

  73. I love stash busting. Hubby commented today that there seems to be a lot of fabric around here. 🙂

  74. This book would be wonderful to win. I love scrappy quilts and I love using my stash – a great combination.

  75. What a wonderful book! I love scrappy looking quilts but have been afraid to tackle one. I need to have a more controlled pallet or matchey-matchey my daughter calls me.

  76. I love making scrap quilts using my Civil War reproduction fabrics from Marcus Fabrics.

  77. That sounds like a great book, and I love Marcus fabric, especially the reproductions.

  78. So much fun to choose all of the goodies and put them into one quilt. Sure makes a quilter appreciate her stash. Looks like a great book to win. Kathy in Colo

  79. I love love loooove Scrappy quilts…and Scraps of course! giggle… Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way!! I would love to make the tumbler one first! 🙂

  80. Scrappy is the way to go. I can’t waste fabric so combining leftovers from other projects make some of the most admired quilts ever!

  81. I think this book looks great and could use a Stashbuster!! Wonderful Marcus fabric also!! What a great giveaway!!

  82. Most of the quilts I have made have been scrappy — even when I start
    out making something “controlled” — in the end I add this and that and
    it ends up with a scrappy appearance that I find most appealing. I have
    used Marcus fabrics many times and as I now see the new Revved Up
    collection I know that it will be a “must have”.

  83. Love fabric but right now have way too many scraps. Help, the books
    would certainly get me moving in the right direction.


  84. I belong to a scrap satellite group of our quilt guild and would love to show this book and have some new ideas with the other ladies.

  85. It is always great to see how others use their stash and put those different colors and patterns together.

  86. What a great book! I enjoy finding new patterns for fabrics in my stash. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  87. It seems as though I can never use up those scraps. Because I’m working my stash, I keep creating more scraps! Some of my favorite fabrics are gone for good except for a little scrap.

  88. Stash busting is just what I need since I am in the midst of finalizing plans for storage in my sewing area – I have way too much to fit in the space I have.

  89. Love, love the quilt on the cover of Stashbusters. I only have a small stash of fabric but building on it. This looks like the perfect book to go to when I build up my stash.

  90. I save all but the tiniest scraps, including the selvedges. I use them mostly in smaller projects but one of these days I’ll make a scrappy bed quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. i love scrappy quilts and sometimes use pat sloan’s leaders and enders technique.

  92. I love these blocks. I think the colors are wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing these patterns and perhaps even making a dent in my stash!

  93. I sew want to use up my stash and this book would be a great help to me. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  94. I love making scrap quilts! It is fun to see the same block look different because of the scraps used. From planned to random scrap quilts it is all fun,fun. fun!

  95. Wow! This looks like the book I need right now as I try to downsize everything, including my stash. I can’t bear to get rid of my stash, so I need to use it up. Much of it is in fat quarters or other cuts less than a yard, so I need scrappy projects. I can’t wait to see the book@

  96. I’m digging Revved up Retro, as I love brights and those hippie type prints.
    Enjoyed the tips about buying extra 1/2 yard or so of fabrics of those you love, and/or in fat quarters increments. Pressing and cutting while in the mode too, great ideas. Thank you all.

  97. I love scrappy quilts, all colors, all shapes.
    I would love a new quilting book. Thank you for this giveaway.

  98. I can’t wait to get my sewing supplies, and my stash, out of storage and start creating!! I feel like my brain is bursting with inspiration that needs to come out.

  99. I would LOVE to win this book and fabric bundle! I can always use new ideas for ways to use up the leftover little bits.

  100. Scrap quilts are my favorite so I am always looking for inspiration — this book looks like it will provide many quilts to interest me. I liked reading the interview with the authors.

  101. I’ve been saving my stash religiously….but not enough where I would ever be able to say that I have “enough”! I am just getting into scrap quilting and love the way that all scrappiness results in happiness! Thanks for the intro and I would love to be the recipient of the giveaway!

  102. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  103. This looks like a fun book. Believe me I have a lot of stash to burn through and this just might be the ticket. Love the quilts I’ve seen so far from the book. The fabric would be a nice addition. Thanks for the generous drawing!

  104. I LOVE scrap quilts and the idea of using up sections of my stash really appeals to me! Would love to win this giveaway.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful work.

    🙂 Linda

  105. I love scrappy quilts and that cover quilt is calling my name–love it!

  106. The book looks great! I really like Summer Gone By. Tons of scraps could be used in it.

    • I’m brand new to this site and I can’t figure out how to comment on the information. I’m new to this stuff and I love, Love, LOVE that quilt “Pathway to the Stars” that I saw in my email. If I don’t win I really want to buy it. Hope someone sees me!

  107. Looks like an awesome book. I love the way the ladies put their scraps to use. Always looking for more scrapbusting ideas. Thanks for this book.

  108. I’m always looking for new ways to use up my stash. Thanks for the chance to win the book and some new fabric.

  109. I love scrap quilts and would like to win more fabrics and patterns to use. Spent the morning picking fabrics for a scrap quilt that I have started for my granddaughter. So I would love to win! 🙂

  110. I don’t have a lot of stash yet, would like to add to it. Thanks for the chance.

  111. What stash? I just recently got back to quilting, so I’m slowly building my stash. I love the patterns in the book and would love to win fabric.

  112. I building up quite a stash of scraps and I love scrappy quilts so this would be lovely!! Thank you!

  113. Scrap quilts are fun to make. I look forward to reading this book for inspiration and encouragement.

  114. I love the Pathways to the Stars quilt! I have a huge stash to bust and can’t wait to read the book!

  115. I love scrap quilts and I definitely have quite a bit of stash. This would be a great book to add to my library. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Scrapbusters looks like a fabulous book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Your quilts are fantastic…hope I win

  117. I would love to win this new book “Stashbuster!” I probably won’t live long enough to use all of the stash I have accumulated! Lol I would love to try and your book would really help me in the process!

  118. Would love to make a dent in my 30’s and 40’s fabrics…this book looks like it would be the ticket to some serious stash busting…thanks for the chance to win!

  119. I have lots of stash that needs to be busted (community quilts for our guild) so would love to have the book and fabric.

  120. This book sounds like just what I need. Never seem to be able to get control of my scraps.

  121. Scrapbusters looks like a fabulous book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Controlled scrappy is just the technique for me. Is it cheating to buy the whole Putty and Mortar or Revved up Retro collection and call it scraps? Your quilts are fantastic…hope I win. 🙂

  122. Being very new to quilting, this is a wonderful opportunity. Many thanks for your generosity!

  123. I definitely have a stash that needs to be busted. Always a great subject for a book. Thanks.

  124. I love the Putty and Mortar, especially the paisleys. The color I have to put in just about every quilt is green. I would love to win the Stashbusters books and the fabric bundle.

  125. I love stashbusting quilts and this book looks like a real winner! Count me in and thank you!

  126. Pathway to the stars iss a gorgeous quilt. It would take a good bite out of my stash which never seems to decrease no matter how many quilts I make!

  127. Some good ideas mentioned in the teaser. My stash is like rabbits – it keeps multiplying.

  128. I love both quilts that are on the site announcing the new book Stash! I have so many scraps in my stash that I’ll never get them all used up. I’d love a copy of this book for new ideas on what to do with them all.

  129. I was so happy to read your answer about adding color to a quilt. I worried about a green I had used in a scrappy quilt. When I added other greens, it looked great. I love both of your quilts. Stash busting is always needed. Makes room for more fabic! Thank you.

  130. Just the book I need for using up my stash. Then I can have room for new fabric!

  131. Recently, navy has been my go-to neutral, but I love that “putty”! I may have to change my allegiance.

  132. I LOVE scrap quilts most of all…and if they are full of shirtings that’s even better! I am a big fan of Marcus fabrics. A large percentage of my “favorite fabrics” in my stash are Marcus fabrics….so this giveaway is perfect for me. Thank you for a chance to win.

  133. I would love help busting my stash—the new Putty and Mortar fabric collection would really punch up my solid grey stash

  134. Who doesn’t love scrap quilts? I would love to get some new ideas flowing by looking through these books. Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  135. Love the quilts! So inviting and cozy, the kind that make me want to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Thanks for the chance to win.

  136. A book that will use some of my stash would be a fabulous thing. I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to use it all. A friend told me that I need to put it in the will and hand it down.

  137. I laughed out loud when I read the question that asked what you do when you use up your scraps. As if that would ever happen! I think I have enough fabric to make scrap quilts for the next 50 years!

  138. I love this two designers so I know their new book will be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy and a bundle to go with it!

  139. What a great incentive to finally organize my scraps stash! Love the colors and the designs!

  140. Over the years that I have been quilting, I have purchased sooooo many fat quarters! This book would really help me to put a dent in my stash! And then I could buy more fat quarters!!

  141. i love making scrap quilts and sometime use pat sloan’s leaders and enders method.

  142. I certainly could use a Stashbusters book. My stash needs toning-down. There are many patterns by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith that I just love in McCall’s Quilting so I’m sure I would love the book. Thank you!

  143. Thank you! My scraps are beginning to over take my sewing room, I need more ideas and a strategy to get them under control!

  144. Love to use stash and scraps to create one of a kind quilts. Your book looks amazing!

  145. What an exciting giveaway! It led me straight to your blog. I am a constant Marcus fabrics customer.

  146. I’ve been sewing since I was about 8 years old. I’ve always believed that whether making a dress, home dec or quilting, you can take a very simple pattern and let the fabric do the talking. You’ll come up with something fabulous. The designs shown with this post are wonderful.

  147. Stash buster!
    Boy do I have Stash. I only hope I can get my Stash chiseled down before my sons realize what I have. Bring it on!!!

  148. Thanks for the giveaway. I love gaining ideas on creative ways to use my stash!

  149. I love that Pathway to the Stars quilt. That looks like a great way to use up my stash!

  150. I would love to have this book and start shopping from my stash! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book and (more) fabric!

  151. Yes, I’d love to have more ideas on how to use my stash. I have too much!

  152. I always need help using my stash. I just keep adding to it, instead of shopping in the stash first. This looks like a great book!

  153. book looks amazing my cup of tea cant wait I love stash all mine is 99.9 primitive colors and I love the scrappy look thanks for the chqance to win

  154. My stash always need busting! I love making scrap quilts. It is so much fun playing with colors and patterns, wondering how it will a ll turn out when completed. Seldom am I disappointed, and most often delighted!

  155. Scrappy quilts are my favorite!!! Pieced and applique together are the best. It looks like you combine both beautifully. I would be honored to win your book and more scraps to add to my hoard of fabric!!! 🙂 I really need help to whittle down my stash!!!!!

  156. HA ! Looks like I’m not the only one with a stash run amok. Snippets ( just might need that bit of color sometime), strips, chunks and last but not least those yards and yards of ‘just the thing’ for someday! Yikes….Help !

  157. STASHBUSTERS is helping me to be more creative with my favorite fabric ine /designers.

  158. Such beautiful quilts! And do I ever need that book to help me use up my stash!

  159. What an opportunity! Thanks! Always love more books and fabric, never have enough!

  160. I couldn’t wait, so I have the book and absolutely love it. If I win, I would give it to my friend. Love the quilts in the book and can’t wait to dig into my stash.

  161. That Pathway to the Stars patterns is, in and of itself, enough reason to want this wonderful book! Thanks for the chance to win it and pare down my stash!

  162. Delightful book full of great ideas to use our stash of scraps that we love. The fabric is also so beautiful and would be so wonderful to use to create a quilt.

  163. This looks like a great book to have and I’d love to add more fabrics to my stash!

  164. Loved the new collections, especially rev’d up retro 🙂 hmmmmmno chance of my stash going down when your giving us such great fabric choices !!!

  165. I am big on scrap quilts right now. Way too much fabric in my stash!! I LOVE the Summer Gone By quilt. The fabrics used are wonderful in this quilt.

  166. I LOVE the Summer Gone By pattern in Stashbusters! Winning the fabrics and book would be great! I don’t want my stash of leftover project pieces to keep getting bigger. I love doing more projects, though! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  167. I love their designs and the colors they use…perfect! I’ve got stash just waiting for these designs!

  168. Wow, I’ve already learned new things from Sarah and Dolores in the short interview so am really looking forward to seeing their new book!

  169. Love books and fabric so win win! Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed! vickise at gmail dot com

  170. My poor stash is out of control. I have decided to find a sewing friend to help me use some up. Need ideas. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  171. Great Giveaway… LOVE Stashbusters book. I have been a great fan of Sarah and Dolores for many, many years…as my credit card will verify ;o). Awesome book ladies and I just think of all the scraps I could use to make beautiful quilts..and then if I won the fabric bundles…ahhh heaven.

  172. Oh my! How beautiful! It would be lovely to dig into my stash to make these quilts.
    Always looking for new ideas for old fabric…

  173. This book looks amazing and I’ve got the stash to match! A win win combo. Thanks for the opportunity!

  174. Such beautiful fabrics! Love, love, love the quilts in the book! I would love the opportunity to rebuild my stash and library. Thank you!

  175. I just sorted my scraps into ten shoebox size bins by color, some are almost full, and others, not so much. I would love to use some of them up, as I know there is more lurking about in my sewing room that I haven’t managed to corral yet. This book looks like it would be a fabulous starting point. Thanks for the draw.

  176. The book looks wonderful and fabric, especially a scrappy mix is always wonderful!

  177. My stash has outgrown its cupboard, so I definitely need to make scrap quilts. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

  178. I love scrappy quilts and there are some gorgeous ones in here! I’d love to win…thanks for the giveaway!

  179. I sometimes get so excited about all the beautiful new fabrics that are available, that I forget about all the beautiful fabrics I already own! I would love to have this book to help me put some of my gorgeous stash to work.

  180. Thanks for a wonderful give away. I love scrappy quilts — I think it must be because those are the kind of quilts that covered me at night when I was growing up. The book looks like it is good, and I will never have too much fabric.

  181. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I need some help busting my stash, this book would be perfect!

  182. a fantastic give a way. thanks for the chance. i loved the interview. especially the part, if not sure about one color than use multiple in similar color scheme

  183. I’ve made up my mind to get some of the fabrics in my stash moving along. There’ll always be new fabric to buy so I need to clear some room.

  184. I can always use more ideas to use up my fabric – I can always get more fun fabric even if I don’t need it. I love the new look of neutrals – fresh and simple but not muddy. Thanks for the chance!

  185. HELP! I need to “Tame my Stash” and what better way than with an exciting new book filled with scrap quilt patterns. I can’t wait to get the book.

  186. I have lots of scraps, too. They are too pretty to toss, so I’m open to ideas on how to best use them. This book sounds lovely.

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  231. There is always room for another stash book on my quilting bookshelf. I love how creative these authors are, so many wonderful designs.

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