Egg-ceptional Wool Inspiration…




We’re probably having the same reaction to these gorgeous hand-crafted eggs as we did when we first saw them!  They’re by Susan M. Wojciechowski of Ewe-niversity, featuring the Marcus WOOL COLLECTION, and measuring about 4-1/2″ high.  She says, “As a quilter with a knack for applique and embroidery, I also have a love for colorful textiles and carefully curated embellishments. Over time, I developed an intense appreciation for working with wool. Inspiration led to innovative fusion and these patterns were born.”

Susan’s patterns, kits and supplies for these and other applique & embroidery projects are available online.

2 thoughts on “Egg-ceptional Wool Inspiration…

  1. So sad that these patterns are not able to be posted to NZ – it happens a lot and leaves a lot of us let down as we would love to be able to access many things that the rest of the world can get.

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