Hexie Fever is Spreading…


I’ve been seeing hexagons absolutely Everywhere, in every size and fabric type imaginable. Modern hexies, traditional hexies. Grandmother’s Flower Garden hexies. Huge hexies, tiny hexies. Hexie jewelry…placemats…totebags — it goes on! Have you caught Hexie Fever, too?

PBKeyringHexiePati shared some of hers above, cut from black and cream  VINTAGE ONYX Strip-It fabric for easy two-toned hexies.  She loves Paper Pieces for her English paper piecing projects. At right, an adorable (but slightly insane) micro-hexie key ring Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek whipped up for Pati at Quilt Market.

SewingCaddyCherylHoistJun16Then I spotted this sewing case by my quilter friend Cheryl Hoist, at a local event I attended over the weekend — African batik & Aboriginal print hexies!



PamBuda2016Pam Buda chimes in with hexies by the bowlful…

and Victoria Findlay Wolfe goes overboard…; )

VFWHexiesDo you have Hexie Fever, too? Subscribe to our blog, then coment below about what you’re making with hexies (and your favorite sizes!) for the chance to win one of TWO Hexie-Friendly charm mini-packs of Victoria’s MOSTLY MANOR!  Comments received by Tuesday, June 21 are eligible for the drawing – good luck!

43 thoughts on “Hexie Fever is Spreading…

  1. My hexie fever has gone Full Tilt Boogie. I began cutting my own papers and creating a queen sized Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Now, I’m working on The New Hexagon QAL, The Glorious Hexagon QAL and Jen Kingwell’s Smitten Quilt. I love the hand work and fussy cutting to feature motifs in my quilts. I am excited about the increased interest in English Paper Piecing and hexies because fabrics like Vintage Onyx (love the black and tan combo) give SO many options for creating great secondary patterns in our quilts. I can’t wait to see what the future brings in the field of EPP. PS Love your reproduction and vintage styled fabrics.

  2. I have two hexie projects going right now. One is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden with 1″ hexies and 30’s repro fabrics that hopefully will be a fun quilt some day. The other is a fall table topper with 2″ hexies that I started while traveling to Japan this past March.

  3. I am working on the small Mrs Holder’s hexi Quilt as part of a sew along on the Temecula Quilts blog. I’m using 1/2 inch hexis. It’s a great carry along project for summer!

  4. I’m making a queen size right now…about a year into it…1″ hexies. Rainbow colors and black, it’s evolving as I design as I go! About 1600 more pieces to go……….

  5. I am embarrassed to say that I have not made any thing hexi yet – but a hexi project is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks!

  6. I love making hexie quilts and and hexie placemats in the shape of a flower. My favorite size hexie to made is 4″.

  7. I have made a couple of potholders with 1 inch hexie ‘flowers’ appliqued on them, and now I am working on the Brinton Hall quilt, whose entire center is medallions surrounded by many, many hexagons.

  8. I taught a fairly young lady (55) in a nursing home to do hexies. I taught her to do English Paper piecing. One of the ladies in our quilt club taught her to hand quilt. She even managed to sell some of her quilts.

  9. I love hexies but I haven’t made anything with them, yet. This would be a great time to try them.

  10. I would love to make a large quilt like my mother and grandmother made me when I got married 56 years ago, but there are several fabrics that need replacing so that’s my first project.

  11. I’m using my 1800’s reproduction prints to make hexies and setting them together with a small beige on white floral print. Many of them are fussy cut and it’s fun to see the designs they form. It is definitely addictive! kellam.susan@yahoo.com

  12. I am almost finished 29th my Lucy Boston patchwork of the crosses quilt! And I love to do projects using teeny- tiny hexies.

  13. I love hexies and I have a box with hexies and would love to make a large quilt with them and my favorite size is 2 or 2´5 inch.

  14. I already Follow your blog 🙂

    Oh my gosh…Hexie Fever bit me a few years ago…and has only gotten worse! giggle… I have a large (6′) Hexie template…and regularly have been cutting scraps with it. Have a few smaller templates too…and have been trying my hand at paper-piecing them….hmmmm, am slowly making progress! 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  15. I plan on making a Passacaglia quilt eventually, but have not tried hexies yet.

  16. I’ve had hexie fever for many years. Just when I thought I was over it, the whole world has gone hexie crazy! So I’m back in the spirit, loving it.

  17. I’m working on the block from The Splendid Sampler which is a hexagon applique wreath, fun, but a little on the small side. Would like to try something a little larger.

  18. I wanted to join in the Hexie fun but did not want to pre-turn, baste or whip-stitch. So I created #StitchFast, self stick templates that can be used until they not longer stick, 5-15 times. They can be used to fuzzy cut shapes from the right side of the fabric, then use on the wrong side of the fabric shape to straight stitch corner to corner of the template, tacking at the beginning and end. That simple. Add shapes to all sides of the template then move it and begin again. So love all sizes of hexs. Lots of other shapes available.

  19. I am working on finishing a pillow project I started years ago with hand pieced hexies.

  20. That is one eye opening hexie quilt by Victoria. I have worked with hexies but it’s been awhile. Mostly when I am doing handwork, I am crocheting. Thanks.

  21. I, too have a couple of hexie projects but my current favorite is a scrappy blue batik Star Flower quilt. Slow.

  22. I do EPP all the time and am currently working on a batik project with flowers made from hexies, triangles and diamonds.

  23. I am oh-so-slowly making a modern-feeling Grandmother’s Garden quilt, using modern florals. It has been fun, choosing the fabrics, having something to carry with me, thinking about its progress and eventual completion.

  24. I’m not currently working on any hexies, but I need to. I have a bunch of vintage hexie flowers that need to be finished.

  25. I bought a hexie template a couple years ago, the largest size is 5″. I cut enough from all my favorite beachy fabrics to make a single Grandma Flower Garden flower that measures 60″ diameter. I hand pieced it, sandwiched it with flannel for a summer lap quilt, and am now hand quilting it with Superior embroidery thread using a Sashiko needle and the quick stitch technique. When I’m finished with that, I will go back and do hand embroidery in random blocks to highlight some of the printed motifs. It is a VERY long term project, but it has been fun to work on it and am still enjoying it. I hand quilt and embroidery frequently, but this will be the first quilt I have made that is completely hand done.

  26. I have an ongoing hexie project…like maybe 15 yrs..lol they are tiny..the hexie’s are 1/2″ and I have about 40 of them done..I get stalled when adding the white paths..not as much fun as the prints..Love all the ones shown..I should have done Victoria Findley Wolfe’s version .. I’d be done by now…

  27. Can’t wait to learn this new pattern (to me) first time. Thanks. Love V’s. work.

  28. I have the fever-but now want to make the giant hexies like Victoria! I have been hand piecing on a queen sized Grandmother’s Flower Garden for a long time and have made several smaller projects all with English Paper Piecing. I love her fabrics!

  29. I am currently working with 4 inch hexies. The end product may become a shower curtain for a guest bath. I also enjoy making 1 inch hexies. I made a sunflower quilt with 1 inch hexies years ago. Now my son and his family enjoy snuggling under it while reading or watching TV.

  30. I’m not currently making anything with hexies, but a recent finish was a twin quilt with half-hexies.

  31. I am working on the Forget me Not quilt in 1″ hexies – learned on some small projects, and love it! I can work on them during conference calls and meetings

  32. I have made hexies in to key chain fobs and want to make some for scissor fobs. I also want to make a whole quilt of them, or maybe a table runner since that would be quicker. 🙂

  33. I have a couple hexi projects going. One I hope will be a quilt but right now epp the pieces to form a center piece that I then want to applique onto a sort of diamond background and maybe bring in more hexis to finish. The other project is to just make small epp hexis from some of my moms old fabric that I saved.

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