On Trend: PLUM Perfection

Colornistas are surely enjoying the influx of PLUM in the market, and like you, we couldn’t be happier about it! Check out today’s featured email from Joss & Main:


Photos: JossAndMain.com

Plum can be cool, tinged with blue, or lean toward magenta with a slightly red tone.  It’s the color of fantasy, royalty, relaxation and more.  Our own Plum Story for 2016/17 begins with ANTIQUE COTTON CALICOS: Old Plum Calicos by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts.  Pam covers a perfect assortment of values from deep to pale.  Her inspiration comes from the prairie life of the past, and the colors remain just as relevant today.

plumflannelsPlum also lends itself to a more casual mood, with new PRIMO PLAID FLANNELS: Plum, perfect for loungewear, shirts, fashion accessories, plush toys, sofa throws and more, for guys and girls alike…

Try blending Pam’s gorgeous prints with the Primo flannels for a unique take on the trend. Or create a contemporary look with the subtle tones of Nancy Rink’s ON PLUMBERRY LANE, mixing plums with neutrals.  View the Lookbook.

plumb-lane-rinkFinally, if you like your Plum uninterrupted, remember the various solids available all year ’round in our WOOL COLLECTION and CENTENNIAL SOLIDS!

What’s your favorite Plum?  What colors do you mix it with, and in what types of projects?  Subscribe to our blog (at right) and share your thoughts below — comment by Tuesday, October 4, 2016 for a chance to win our Plum Surprise Pack!!

42 thoughts on “On Trend: PLUM Perfection

  1. Purples and plums are my very favorite colors! I like to pair the color with either gray or lime green, depending on my mood or project. My sewing room is painted purple and it always puts me in a creative mood!

  2. These plums are beautiful. You realize that these colors are too very apparent in the fall season when you open your eyes to nature’s colors.

  3. I love plum of all colors! Darker more than lighter but love it, just the same. Greens and creams go well with plum.

  4. I love a deep, dark plum. It looks great with green, gray, black, cream, red, etc, etc! A great color!

  5. Plum mixed in with fall colors is so pretty. It’s the only way I can use it in my home since I don’t have a lot of plum in my rooms. Love the Old Plum calicoes, so may have to just paint my bedroom!

    ckrutjo at gmail dot com

  6. My favorites are: 5235-0185 from ANTIQUE COTTON CALICOS: Old Plum Calicos.
    J365-0135 from PRIMO PLAID FLANNELS: Plum.
    2277-0177 from ON PLUMBERRY LANE.
    I would mix fall colors with plum.

  7. I absolutely love reproduction purples. I have already pre-ordered the antique purples from Pam Buda, but I can always use more.

  8. I love this group of plums, purples and lavenders! I plan to add the whole collection to my stash ♥!

  9. I don’t have many plums in my stash. I love mixing the ones that I have with yellow. It makes a fun and colorful quilt!

  10. I’ve never used plums in a quilt previously but Pam’s new Plum Calicoes are tugging at my heart. I’m planning to make a version of the Trick or Treat basket quilt from “When the Cold Wind Blows” in these and other plums that I come across (only have one in my stash currently). A few green, gold and eggplant baskets for contrast sounds perfect to me.

  11. Looove all the flannels…would use them with more solid flannel…in shades of green, and bits of soft violet, maybe a lil’ pink… Looove Pam’s new Line!! GORGEOUS!!! Reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie books I read..and the series from TV 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  12. I like plum with light blue. Pam’s creamy fabrics next to the darker tones in her collection are beautiful; love her designs.

  13. I love the prairie plum Quilt fabric, also the plaid flannel. Something new in place of same old same old colors every season.

  14. With two purple LOVing grandaughters (Grace and Elise) , I’ve worked on clothing and quilts for dolls and their sweet little Mamas . Love the deep plums with lighter greens and lavenders with darker greens – all are happy choices for either (or both)) little girls, Looking forward to the release of Pam’s newest collection – it will be perfect for some Plum fun!

  15. HI,love purples of all shades! I’m thinking of dark purple egg plant.This collection is gorgeous! Thanks for introducing this collection+sharing some too !

  16. I have a daughter who loves all things purple. I love the color as well. There only leaves the the problem that is getting harder and harder to navigate…. where to buy it without resorting to the internet???? Count me in would love to win the purple.

  17. I’m not usually a huge fan of plums, but I must admit I’m going to have to get some of Pam’s new collection to include in the hexie quilt I’m working on. #5239-0185 would mix well with my other Civil War fabrics.

  18. Eggplant, dark green with gold would be a pretty quilt that I have not made yet. So happy fall is here and the weather is cooler here in the south!

  19. I have never cared much for plum, purple, lilac shades of color. HOWEVER, with the new fabrics in Pam Buda’s Old Plum Calicoes’ collection, I have had a turn around! They are gorgeous. I would love seeing how they mate and mix with other colors.

  20. The second quilt I made was a plum 2 1/2 strip pack. All the color coordinating was done for me!

  21. I love the deep plums – I would use them with rich autumn shades of browns, burgundy and cheddar! Fall is my favorite time of year!

  22. Eggplant or auburgine (sp?) will be my favorite since daughter’s wedding color was this tone.

  23. I love how Pam has incorporated a variety of values of plums in this group. I like to add in greens with plums.

  24. I am not a purple person, or at least I did not think so until I saw this fabric line. OMGosh the colors and patterns are scrumptious.

  25. I love the dark, rich indigo/plum that is the color of the fruits grown here in Western New York. It’s very similar to the concord grapes that are also native to our region. Both are in season so I have to get my fill before they are gone……….

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