It’s a Vintage Patchwork Double Giveaway!

Have you seen Pam Buda’s new book yet?  Vintage Patchwork is her new title (Martingale), and it guides you in creating a dozen tiny treasures with just ONE pack of 10″-square precut fabrics! No extra fabric needed (except for backing)–every last scrap is put to beautiful use. Stitch eight little quilts to hang on walls, display on tables, or tuck into baskets and nestle on bookshelves. Four petite pincushions will add a warm, cozy feel to even the smallest of spaces. Perfect for gift giving too!

Make projects one at a time or cut fabrics for all 12 projects at once –handy cutting diagrams included on a pullout sheet make it easy. A swatch guide provides a simple way to organize and plan where to use each 10″ square.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Martingale to give away a 10″ fabric bundle of Pam’s Prairie Basics & Shirtings, with a copy of Pam’s book. For your chance to win, just comment below and tell us what projects you love to make with 10″ squares?  Mugrugs, mini quilts, pillows, pincushions?? Comments received by Monday, Oct 29 are eligible for the drawing — good luck!!

164 thoughts on “It’s a Vintage Patchwork Double Giveaway!

  1. I love layer cakes because I get the variety I need for small quilts at an affordable investment. I can’t wait to get Pam’s new book.

  2. I love Pam’s patterns and fabric! Scrappy mini quilts and wall hangings are my favorite.

  3. I have mostly used 10″ pieces for
    Scrap applique quilts! Would love a chance to enter the drawing! Thanks!

  4. I would love to win this great bundle. I love 10 in blocks and will make into a new fall quilt. Love Pam Buda!

  5. I knew Pam Buda before she became a recognized fabric designer. Our quilt guild hosted her once back then & I took her workshop with tips for piecing with small pieces. Fun! Layer cakes are so versatile so I’d probably jus make numerous smaller projects with them—mug rugs, table runners, place mats, maybe bowl cozies. Just not sure! Would love to own her new book!

  6. 10” squares are so versatile! I like using them for all kinds of quilting projects. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never made a mini quilt and am eager to try it!

  7. I love to make scrappy Quilts. I also love GFG English paper piecing… I’d love to use this fabric in just about any quilt I’d make☺

  8. Great idea! I like to use the whole stack in one quilt. I do have a few that could use smaller projects, like this, though. Thanks.

  9. I like to make small quilts: tabletops or wall hangings with layer cakes- they are finished quickly and layer cakes give you a wide variety of fabric that can go together!!

  10. I love scrappy mini quilts and these would be perfect . Also would like to try a large scrappy quilt. Book looks exciting!

  11. Haven’t yet made a quilt from a layer cake. Also haven’t made a mini-quilt. Would love to win such a great giveaway and remedy both those have-nots,

  12. I am so excited about this book! My quilting buddy and I are going to work through the projects together. I have used layer cakes many times for all sorts of projects. Its really fun to come up with my own patterns.

  13. I have never used 10inch squares, it would be wonderful to win the prize when I would make a project from the squares and the book.

  14. I love making easy quilts for charity and precut packaged coordinating squares are perfect for that.
    I LOVE the calico prints in the giveaway bundle

  15. Wow, what a great idea for fabric use and great mini quilts. I lover doing miniatures of any kind. My friends think I’m crazy.

  16. To be honest, I have never used a 10 inch bundle of fabrics. But I would love to try one! Thanks!

  17. Having made many full size quilts, my focus has been on mini quilts and table runners. Love to gift them to others.

  18. I love making scrap quilts. 10 inch squares give a wonderful variety of a line of fabric.

  19. I love the layer cakes – you can do so much with them! I’d like to make a big block quilt with some.

  20. I like to use 10” squares to make 8 HSTs which turn into hotpads and wall-hangings and bags and…also I want every quilt on this cover to live at my house

  21. I like to make runners with matching placemats, hot mats, and pot holders for gift sets. Love Pam Buda’s fabrics and designs.

  22. I love making full quilts with ten inch squares. They are perfectly matched to coordinate with each other. When I need a quick gift, that US what I reach for

  23. I love Pam’s patterns and fabric. I always look forward to her next design and fabric line. Small quilts are the best!

  24. I used 10″ squares to make a quilt back but never a quilt. I’d love to use them to make all of Pam’s little quilts in her book. LOVE her patterns.

  25. I use layer cakes for donation quilts for youth. I have also been known to break into a stack for applique projects.

  26. I love to make any kind of scrappy quilt I can find a pattern for. Layer cakes or bundles of assorted fabric pieces give me a variety of fabrics that coordinate without my stressing out@

  27. I love using 10-inch square to make community service quilts. They’re so quick and simple to put together and the recipients always love their gift!

  28. I like making table toppers and pincushions. I’ve also used 10 inch squares for bigger quilts too.

  29. As a rule, I make lap size quilts with 10″ squares but if I won this giveaway, I’d work with this book! I’ve spent today cutting Pam Buda fabric to her pattern (Pieceful Pines), so I’m in full PB mode! I’m just crazy about this book, and would love to win it!

  30. For smaller projects, I like wallhangings and placemats/table runners. I love her fabric and she has the cutest patterns. 🙂

  31. I throw them into scrap quilts, ten inch squares give a little more leeway than charm squares. Thanks for the giveaway

  32. I love making mini quilts and would love to win this gift. Just had two classes
    with Pam Buda and she is a great teacher. So much information was given
    in class. I love her fabrics and patterns.

  33. I like to make small/mini table toppers, especially with reproduction fabrics. Would love to win the book and squares. Thank you.

  34. The only thing I have made so far with a layer cake is a disappearing nine patch lap quilt. I am intrigued by the idea of a set of projects that uses the whole layer cake!

  35. I use 10” squares spread throughout all my projects, from sampler quilts to minis. Love Pam Buda’s fabrics and can’t wait to delve into the new book!

  36. My 10” squares get spread through many projects, from sampler quilts to table toppers. I love working with reproduction fabrics and am a big fan of Pam’s – looking forward to delving into the new book!

  37. Double giveaway!!!!!! Awesome!!!!! I definitely use every project in this cool book with the beautiful colorful fabrics. I do them again with the other packs of 10″ squares I have collected!!!

  38. I love reproduction fabrics – my favorite to work with! Thanks for a chance to win!

  39. WOW! I love Pam’s quilts. I just finished a quilt for my granddaughter using 10″ squares and am looking to do another one for my grandson here soon. Hope I’m lucky!

  40. I love making mini quilts with 10 inch squares often with English paper piecing. 10 in squares are great because you get a great variety of fabrics for the money.

  41. One of my favorite quilts is a sampler I did with 10″ blocks. It was fun to figure out which fabrics would go where and how to make it all fit. So fun.

  42. Mini quilts or place mats for my grandchildren is what I would use the fabric for.

  43. Love making mini quilts as they have so many uses. Also like to hang them on my wall going up the steps!

  44. I think mini quilts and pincushions are the perfect things to make with 10 inch squares. Would love to try this beautiful book.

  45. Beautiful book. Beautiful fabric…heavenly!!! Right now I use precuts for wall hangings since no one seems to want big quilts any more. I also like to make crib quilts for the great grandkids of the future!

  46. Layer Cakes are great for so many different projects!! I have used them for quilts & throws…cut in 1/2..& in 1/4ths. Am trying my hand at bowl cozies now..are great for this pattern. (& fun Christmas gift idea!) Than you for chance to win this fun book & bundle!! 🙂

  47. I have made over 100 large quilts. I now enjoy making small quilts, wallhangings, and table toppers. They make great holiday decor for my home and gifts for family and friends.

  48. 10″ squares are so versatile! Aside from being the building blocks of great quilts, they can make excellent project starters. Right now I’m chain-piecing a bunch of bowl cozies, each made from two (10″) squares. I had fun deciding on the pairs, and when I’m done I’ll have a big head start on Christmas. (If you can be said to have a head start on a holiday that is under two months away…)

  49. I’ve been making myself some seasonal small wall hangings – Easter, summer, winter…… up is fall.

  50. I like using 10” squares for lap quilts. The pieces are big enough to create a variety of blocks.

  51. I’ve made everything from queen size quilts, to table toppers, to mug rugs using 10″ squares.

  52. Ooohhhh! I need this. I would love to have a wall of minis that coordinate. This would be perfect!

  53. I love to make quilts with 10″ squares. They are perfect for getting a scrappy but coordinated top!

  54. I love 10″ squares as I can get a scrappy look and the fabric is already chosen for you. Quilt tops are my favorite project.

  55. I would make a new table runner with the 10″ bundle of Pam’s fabrics. I love her fabrics!

  56. I mainly make mini/doll size quilts that I incorporate into vignettes around the house. Haven’t used too many layer cakes, but using one to make that many projects is inspiring. Like the options.

  57. I would love to make a wall hanging using these squares. Pam’s fabrics are so beautiful and this collection is so yummy!

  58. Oh my goodness, I want to make it all! I love little quilts and small pieced treasures. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  59. I love making the mini quilts – they are sooo darling! I have long admired Pam’s work – this would be a fun win – thx!

  60. I need some smaller projects in my life right now. These look perfect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. I just recently finished a charity quilt made from 10 inch squares. I did have to add some fabric for the sashings and borders.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Charlotte S.

  62. I have coupled a pack of print and a pack of solid 10″ squares to make king sized quilts. I love the versatility of this size pre-cut.

  63. I’m fairly new to quilting. The Marcus fabrics and Pam Buds designs are a winning combination. My initial response is YUM. I just signed up for your newsletter, too. I learn so much DAILY

  64. When fat quarters got too expensive I bought layer cakes to have the variety and when making smaller quilts it’s really all I need. I have followed Pam for a long time and I am intrigued at all the quilts she made from a layer cake bundle. I look forward to her book.

  65. I have made a quilt with 10″ squares from a Missouri Quilt video and loved it. I would love to make another with this technique. Patsy Pirnat

  66. I made a Quilt with my grand daughter using 10″ squares. I have not made any miniatures as yet . The book looks like its full of great ideas

  67. I love to make mini quilts! And I already use a lot of Kansas Troubles fabrics for them. Right now I’m using a Fresh Cut Flowers layer cake for a large quilt, but keeping all the pieces to make something bitty. Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. Mug rugs, table runner, mini quilt eeeeeeeeeeee! I want to win this so badly!!!!! Good luck to everyone!

  69. I’ve made quilts with layer cakes, mug rugs and table runners/toppers with layer cakes. Excited for this book!!

  70. I really would like to win this book and layer cake. I’ve made Atkinson’s Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern using a layer cake; have made mug rugs with them too.

  71. You can do anything with layer cakes. I like to use them as a starting point for a quilt.

  72. My minis are mostly table topper size, so probably not true minis, but 10 inch squares are so versatile, large enough to cut a bunch of little squares or triangles, yet large enough for big-block quilts when the collection has lots of fun splashy prints! So thanks for this giveaway, I love Pam Buda fabrics!

  73. Always can use more fabric. Challenges one to use a different style of material.Bring it to me. :-}

  74. I love to make anything with a scrappy look. Doll quilts have been a recent favorite. Thank you, Linda

  75. I have never used 10″ squares to sew with, so it would be a new experience for me. I know I would really enjoy it and thanks for this opportunity.

  76. Love fabric that has a vintage look. Would use the 10″ squares to make mug rugs. Our quilt guild is making over 1,500 rug mugs to give to each person attending our 2020 Quilt Show in Rockport, Texas.

  77. It’s amazing what you can make out of a layer cake bundle! I make mini quilts, and still have leftovers to make mug rungs and pincushions!

  78. Love to make rug mugs! Our guild is making over 1,500 rug mugs to give to each person attending our 2020 Quilt Show in Rockport, Texas.

  79. I love fabrics with a vintage feel and would make all twelve projects as gifts to honor the three generations of quilters in my family that came before me!

  80. Pam’s fabrics are always gorgeous and her books so inspirational. I can’t imagine how it works-so I would love to follow the book exactly to make everything the same way that she did!

  81. Mini-quilts-hands down! Small quilts are easy to make for an old senior. And I love to hang my little quilts in neat little places-kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, etc. giving a little interest to everyday furnishings. I love ALL your fabric collections!

  82. I recently made a quilt with 10″ squares. I was actually amazed with how much I could get out of it. Lots and lots of squares and half squares!
    And I love all quilts, especially those that look like they are from the past!
    Happy Quilting to all!

  83. I can’t wait to try using layer cakes with the Cake Mix recipe papers…. and would love to own a copy of Pam’s new book!

  84. I am a Canadian who loves to subscribe to all the wonderful blogs & newsletters from my quilt neighbors all over the world. Pam Buda’s designs & Vintage fabrics are beautiful; I especially love making small quilts to focus embroidery and vintage fabric.

  85. I haven’t used 10″ square precuts, but I can imagine they would be handy for table runners.

  86. I like to use 10 inch squares to make pillows and table runners. They don’t take a lot of time a d they make great gifts.

  87. I love the vintage look and the serenity it seems to bring into your spirit when sewing your best-loved things, which for me is mostly mug rug size or small wall hangings.

  88. I would love to make the star quilt on the cover of Pam’s new book. I think it is beautiful! ljbisme at msn dot com

  89. I have not used 10” squares for smaller projects before, just large quilts. I think it is a great idea, though. Please include me in the drawing.

  90. I haven’t really used very many layer cakes, but I love the idea of making all those great minis from one pack of squares. Thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic giveaway!

  91. It would be hard to decide whether it would be mini quilt or pincushion. Imagine how many of each you could make with a layer cake??!!!

  92. I love to do candle holders and mug rugs with my 10 in. squares, Blessings,Dawn E. Brown

  93. I love making small quilts but 10″ inch squares allow me to make quilts a little larger, and still have scraps for small quilts! I love Pam’s designs and fabrics and would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  94. I have made wonderful table cloths, seasonal changes. Also throw quilts and pillows. Then there are bags and more

  95. I love to make small table toppers. Not only do they show off the pattern but compliment the colors of the fabrics. I adore Pam Buda’s designs, her materials and her herself. She is a very warm loving person and a excellent teacher.

  96. I make baby and lap quilts along with table runners using 10″ squares. Thanks for the giveaway, it’s a beautiful collection.

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