Need Quick Gifts to Sew? Primo Plaid Flannels to the Rescue!!

With only days to go before Christmas, we know some of you are still feverishly stitching up gifts for everyone on your list (or still deciding what to sew!!), and we’ve got a great, FAST project to help you!  It doesn’t require any fitting or advanced sewing skills, and just about everyone can use a cozy infinity scarf, so just choose their favorite colors from our extensive range of PRIMO PLAID FLANNEL color palettes, and get sewing!

This project actually yields two identical scarves using your favorite pair of PRIMO PLAIDS.  Sew up the perfect his-n-hers accessory, or fun, easy BFF gifts.  You can even share your style with your favorite pet ; )  You can also tuck the back under your coat collar and pull the scarf overhead as a hood.   No matter who you share with, you can stitch up both scarves in less than 20 minutes!

FABRIC REQUIREMENTS:   (Makes 2 scarves from a pair of fabrics)

  • 1½ yards each of two coordinating PRIMO PLAIDS


  1. Cut each fabric in half lengthwise as shown. You’ll use one A and  one B fabric for each scarf.
  2. Pair up one A fabric with one B fabric, with right sides together and long raw edges even. Sew down each long side using at least 3/8” seam allowance.  (Fig. 2) Press seams.
  3. With scarf still turned right sides in, fold scarf in half to bring together the two short ends, with raw edges even. Stitch together the inner edges.  Stitch together as far as possible, leaving an opening of at least 4” for turning.  (Fig 3)  Press seam.
  4. Turn scarf right side out through the opening. Slipstitch to close the opening.
  5. Twist scarf at the center into a figure-8 and slip over the head. Sew second scarf in the same fashion.


Happy Holidays!!