Fun Ideas for June 13 (National Sewing Machine Day!)

Did you know that June 13 is designated as National Sewing Machine Day? And with all that our trusty machines enable and empower us to do, from mindless mending to masterpiece-making, we believe that taking time out to celebrate them is a great idea! Sewing machines have come a long way over the years.

Old or new, top-of-the-line or basic, they deserve a little special fanfare, not only on June 13, but all year long, so we’ve gathered a few suggestions for you:

  • Make a fabric cover for your machine with help from FaveCrafts. They offer free patterns for 15 styles!
  • Make an appointment with your mechanic for a tune-up and cleaning.
  • Treat yourself to a few new novelty machine feet or other machine gadget, then USE THEM!
  • Spend a few minutes with the manual and learn how to use a function you’ve never used before.
  • Visit a sewing machine museum – surprisingly, they exist in several cities including: London, England; Clydebank, Scotland (formerly the largest Singer factory); Tulsa, OK; Arlington, TX; New Berlin, NY and others… When you travel, do a quick search of the city to uncover any possible machine collections at your destination.
  • No time for an involved project? Get re-aquainted with your machine with one of these Under-10-Minute projects from!
  • And while we won’t officially suggest you play hooky from work or school for a leisurely day at home with your machine(s) and your favorite Marcus fabrics, your secret is safe with us if you do!

Have any other celebration ideas to share? Tell us in the comments! Enjoy…