#MondaysWithMarcus: “Spring Baskets” by Deirdre Bond Abel

As our Mondays with Marcus Series II winds down (with just one more week to go!), it seems that each project is better than the next! We love Deirdre Bond Abel’s appliqued baskets, done in her own collection, THE MIDLANDS. Download her FREE PROJECT here.

Deirdre drew inspiration from mid-19th century Colonial homes in The Midlands of Tasmania, in a group of florals and geometrics in a beautiful range of soft, smoky tones…the palette is subtle but striking, isn’t it?

Join us again next Monday for the finale project (by Laura Berringer). This time around, some projects will also be redone by other designers, in their own signature styles, for a wider variety of creative options… You’ll find the complete line-up of projects on the Mondays with Marcus page, and our Facebook page, along with details on how to enter our MWM2 Grand Prize giveaway — Join us!