What’s TRENDING in Quilts…

MIXING TEXTURES: The only thing better than a Marcus print collection is the addition of interesting textures like wools and dobby weaves. Two of our newest designers, Dawn Heese and Katie Solberg, have done just that in their debut collections, for next-level quilts, fashions and home accents!

ENGINEERED PRINTS: While some of us still embrace the term  “cheater quilts” (a topic of friendly debate in our office!) these wonderful time savers are now known as  Engineered Prints.  Whatever you call them, we can all agree that with limited time to create, we continue to enjoy the headstart afforded by Judie Rothermel’s AUNT GRACE SIMPLY CHARMING Double Wedding Ring print, PAM’S CABIN pre-printed Log Cabin yardage prints by Pam Buda, and Nancy Rink’s STAR STRUCK pinwheel patchwork.

SUSTAINABILITY: More than a buzzword, sustainability is increasingly becoming a way of life, and quilters have always lived a sustainable life, scrap by scrap.  Marcus basics including LANACOT WOOLS and BASECLOTH make it easy to create classic projects that remain in style regardless of the trends.  QUILT BACKS can be used to repair and repurpose older quilts.

SLOW STITCHING: Stitchers continue to enjoy the relaxing pace of slow stitching by hand, for portability, a special heirloom project, or simply a much-needed technology break.  Marcus BASECLOTH in new neutral tones, LANACOT WOOLS, MONKS CLOTH, and AGED MUSLINS are perfect for showing off hand-stitching. in all of its forms.

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  1. “Cheater cloth” was produced by American textile mills in the 19th Century! It was called “printed patchwork” and often used for quilt backs. The term “cheater cloth” is a 20th century term and is unflattering for a type of print which has a history.

  2. I love the insight into fabrics/designers this brief explanation gives me. Keep me posted. 🙂

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