The Lowell Mill Workers… The Story Continues


If you share Nancy Rink’s interest in the history of the Lowell mill workers,  you’ll love MILL WORKS, her new fabric line and accompanying BOM program! Her inspiration comes from swatches of the American Textile History Museum, and the colors reflect the spirit of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. (1820-1870). Don’t you love this palette of cool tones anchored by neutrals? It’s a look to enjoy all year long!




Remember Your Girl Scouts Sewing Badge?

Pati-ATHMbuildling3 On a recent visit to the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA, our division President, Stephanie Dell ‘Olio and Director of Marketing, Pati Violick (shown below with two Scouts), happened upon a Girl Scouts sewing session.  They learned that ATHM partners with the local Scouts so they may obtain their sewing badge. (Who remembers that?)

Pati-ATHMkids2 They made headbands and pillows, then worked their way thru the museum to learn about all the textiles.  The girls were using donated fabrics — sounds like the perfect destination for a Marcus donation fabric box!