Entering the Just Judie Competition? Meet Our Prize Sponsors!

No doubt by now you’ve heard about our Just Judie Quilt Competition, and seen the great prizes on our website!  We’ve invited our sponsor friends to submit guest blog posts throughout the contest, so from time to time we’ll be sharing these with you…Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, we know you’ll benefit from the information our sponsors will share here!  We begin with a great post from Dritz/Omnigrid…enjoy!– Lisa


For every part of the quilt-making process there are some tools you’ll need to make your project as precise and as perfect as possible. And we all need a little help achieving perfection, don’t we?

As part of the Just Judie contest, Prym Consumer is providing some of those essential tools from its Dritz® and Omnigrid® ranges. If you’re one of the competition 25 winners, here are some product details about the items you’ll find in your basket. We know they’ll come in handy on your journey to perfection!

Omnigrip by Omnigrid® 6” x 14” ruler – Not familiar with Omnigrid? Well you’re in for a treat. Omnigrid boasts precise standards, quality materials and manufacturing excellence – its accuracy has made it a coveted ruler brand amongst quilting enthusiasts.

Preparing your fabric is the first thing you’ll do, so using quality tools will yield the best results.  What’s so special about Omnigrid?

  • Double-site lines: uniquely patterned double lines, and grid lines that show up on light and dark fabrics.
  • Unmatched accuracy: they’re laser cut to within .002 inch accuracy, which is consistent ruler to ruler. Printing on the underside eliminates viewing distortion.
  • Heavy-duty acrylic: Omnigrid features durable, premium quality acrylic with smooth, laser cut edges.

The ruler in our prize package also has the non-slip feature of Omnigrip. Its 6” x 14” size is ideal for squares, rectangles and strips.

Omnigrid 5-1/2” fabric scissors – because one good pair of sharp scissors is a must. These fit the bill.

Dritz Quilting Pins – you’ve got to have pins if you’re going to quilt! Essential for piecing your fabrics together. Quilting pins are ideal for multiple layers of fabric.  Store your quilting pins in this stackable box with a snap-top lid. (Editor’s note:  These pins are my personal favorite, especially because the bright yellow heads make it easy to find – and pick up –  the pins from my sewing room carpet…Lisa / Marcus Fabrics)

Dritz Quilting Fine Point Mark-B-Gone™ Marking Pen – for the final stage of finishing your quilt, you’ll need a marking mechanism. This pen has an extra-fine point for detailed marking.

Dritz Quilting binding clips – also a part of the finishing process, binding clips hold binding in place until it is sewn.

We’ll be sharing lots of new Spring 2013 product information on our new blog, so visit us there or check out our website for basic product details.


Thanks to our friends at Dritz for the information, and for their generous prize selections!  Remember, your JUST JUDIE entry is due July 31!  Good Luck!