Meet Judie Rothermel’s Design Assistant…

Ever wonder how Judie continues to bring us so many beautiful fabric collections season after season? Meet Judie’s design assistant, Abbey Road…

Judie says, “She is a Lilac color point British shorthair cat. She is two years old and follows me where ever I go.”

She’s even looking forward to reviewing the entries for the upcoming “JUST JUDIE” quilt competition, running from January through July 2013.  Check out Judie’s 25 Anniversary Collection, the basis for the competition, add fabrics from your Judie stash, and plan your entry now!

Civil War Quilt Fever Continues!

Check out this great blog post from!  This gorgeous quilt, fourth in a series by Marcus Fabrics, was designed and created by Homesead Hearth as a BOM quilt project. It begins in January, so plan to take part!

Another Look at Reproduction Fabrics

I’ve had reproduction prints on the brain this morning, and while my personal quilting style doesn’t scream “repro”, my working here at Marcus I’ve gained an appreciation for them.  So I started thinking about how I could use them beyond a Civil War quilt…I’ve always pictured them as a perfect look for decorating a den – a mix of plush pillows (complete with tassels & embellishments), upholstered valances, covered lampshades…or a great quilt for your favorite uncle. Do you use reproduction prints in “non-repro” ways? Tell us how!

—  lisa s