We’re Celebrating AGED MUSLINS with a Giveaway!

TEN YEARS and still going strong!! In fact, ever since we introduced this novelty “not-so-solid” solid in 2007-08, they’ve just gotten better with time —

What separates our AGED MUSLIN from the look-alikes is a special dyeing technique that creates a faded, distressed, look.  The result is an inherent overall shading that gives the cloth gives its rich, suede-like appearance.   These qualities make our AGED MUSLINS an interesting complement for prints in pieced quilts, where a true solid would read too “flat”, and a texture print isn’t quite right either.

  • The 100% cotton range began with a few neutrals in paper-bag tones
  • Then it expanded to include blues and greys — Pair these with the season’s best denims & chambrays.
  • Next came the dusty midtones (NEW AGED MUSLINS)
  • And in 2017, we added eight saturated fashion colors to the New Aged Muslins category.

Perfect for Trendy and Traditional Quilts, Home Décor, Fashion…

  • They’ll give an authentic, aged look when paired with reproductions, or a casual effect when blended with contemporary prints.
  • AGED MUSLIN’s weave is slightly tighter than standard quilting fabrics, making it an excellent background fabric for appliqué, embroidery and other forms of handwork.
  • The collection also plays well on its own, as you can see in “Stargazing”, shown below our new Aged Muslin BOM program by Krisanne Watkins of Quail Valley Quilts.  Watch for details on line soon!(Begins September 2018, 91” x 91”)

What’s your favorite use for our Aged Muslins, including neutrals, blues and greys, dusty midtones or the newest saturated colors?  Or if you haven’t tried them yet, what would you make?  Comment below for the chance to WIN a FQ BUNDLE!! All blog comments received by Sunday, April 8 at 11:59pm are eligible for the random dawing  —  Good Luck!

161 thoughts on “We’re Celebrating AGED MUSLINS with a Giveaway!

  1. I recently puchased a note card at the local post office that was all elongated diamonds in the same colorway as the aged muslins…Needless to say instant inspiration for a fat quarter bundle. Would love the opportunity to work with this line.

  2. I like the neutral shades for appliqué backgrounds, the soft suede look is great for that! The new saturated colors look like they would be awesome for star blocks!

  3. I just used them for an Eagle Scout quilt (Cub Scout and Boy Scout) patches in green, cream, and brown. Love how it turned out!

  4. Just discovered these and would love to try in a windmill pattern. The suede like appearance would bring such warmth.

  5. Wow, they are gorgeous! I would use them a long with Civil War Reproductions, the aged look would go so nicely together.

  6. I haven’t tried Aged Muslins yet – haven’t even heard of them until now! I would love to try them in a stained glass type pattern. Thanks!

  7. I don’t know that I’ve used your AGED MUSLINS fabric yet; however, I’m going to look for them at my local quilt shop after reading this post. I love them. I’ve been wanting to make a fall quilt with leaves, pumpkins and baskets. They would look lovely in it.

  8. I haven’t used these fabrics. I would use them in a quilt for my nephew, either by themselves or with reproduction fabrics.

  9. I am working on two nearly matching quilts, using Civil War repro fabrics, one for my mother and one for the couple who were best friends with Mom and Dad for as long as I can remember. Dad was the Civil War buff, so he is represented in the fabric choices, since he’s not here to enjoy the quilts.

    These new aged muslins look like they would make great additions to any quilt; I’d love to add some to this quilt, as I audition setting squares, sashing, and borders. After that I’m sure I’d be reaching for those muslins constantly in my quilt making.

  10. I’ve never used these fabrics, but if I won them, I know I’d make an Autumn leaves quilt from them. It’s a quilt I’ve wanted to make and the faded, distressed look of the fabrics would make the leaves look aged. The quilts I’ve made thus far have been small. I’d make the quilt with these fabrics lap size. Thank you very much for making this Aged Muslins give away possible!

  11. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look lovely. I can see using them in a quilt with, maybe, so 20s or 30s prints.

  12. I haven’t used these before, but love the look and the new colors. I make pirate costume shirts, and this looks like it would be good for that, too. The BOM looks interesting, too. Thanks for the info.

  13. I have not tried the aged muslins. I would love to make a quilt with them. I like the colors and suede-like appearance.

  14. Tlhese fabrics are so beautiful and I never knew about them till now. These would look great paired with some of my wool projects.

  15. I haven’t used aged muslins, but I think they’d look awesome in pieced blocks for tote bags and zippered pouches. Just the right accent!

  16. Wow! I’ve never heard of aged muslins! They are gorgeous! So glad I ran across this giveaway on Instagram. I love Civil War reproduction fabrics. I bet the aged muslin would pair wonderfully with them. 🙂

  17. Love to add them to my stash. Currently working on a scrappy reproduction quilt that these would work great with.

  18. I love making reproduction quilts, especially small ones for wall hangings. These aged muslins just add a little something extra when used with reproduction fabrics.

  19. I haven’t tried the aged muslins but they look wonderful. They would both tone down and tone up any background. Thanks.

  20. My husband’s Grandmother had five sons who fought during WWII. She could not sleep at night, so she “Quilted” her way through the war. Our Family was truly fortunate that all five returned home to their Mama! I have one of those “Comfort Quilts”…it is very dear to my heart and an honor to serve as its caretaker. If I were to be selected to receive a bundle of this truly lovely “Aged Muslin Collection”, I would make a quilt, using Lynn Wilder’s “Country Sunshine”quilt pattern, then gift it to someone else in need of a “Comfort Quilt.”

  21. I actually like to use muslin as a back to my quilts, but these in particular I’d love as co-ordinates for a quilt….love the fantastic colors!

  22. I love the depth of these colours, they would enhance any project. I’d most likely incorporate them with reproduction style fabrics for a quilt.

  23. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m glad to learn about them now. I can see how they would make a beautiful background fabric, especially when I want something other than neutral. I’ll look for these in the future for sure.

  24. Love these fabrics, the looks, the feel and they play well with others! I love the weave, the aged look and they needle very nice!

  25. Wow I love the colors. I would love to use it as background, but just not too sure which project something with a vintage feel though definitely.

  26. I love to use aged muslin for needlework finishing – it works well for accenting cross stitching…backs of pillows, tote bags, zippered bags, pin cushions, needlebooks, etc. The colors you create are fabulous!

  27. I usually use for embroidery, but after the “Stargazing” Quilt…I better think out side my comfort zone. What a wonderful way to display all the colors together.

  28. I have not used the aged muslin line. I love the saturated colors. They would be a lovely pairing with saturated florals. Of course in a quilt!!

  29. I haven’t used these aged muslins yet but I love them. I think they’ll make great blenders in my next project! Love the colors!

  30. I will definitely use the aged muslins on my mini Civil War quilts.
    Thx for the opportunity to win some of your products.

  31. I am going on a mission to create Quilts of Valor this year. I think these would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity

  32. I like to use them with my 1800s repros. They have the right “feel” for my favorite fabrics! Love all the different vintage colors!

  33. I’ve not tried these fabrics, but I’m sure they would be great blenders and could work with many different styles from reproduction to modern.

  34. I would love to try these. I do not have any quilt shops in my area and have to shop the big box store which does not carry Marcus. I love working with reproduction fabric and tradition patterns and this looks like a beautiful combination. Thanks for the chance to win! janet.

  35. I have never used aged muslins, but I think they would be great when I want an “almost” solid, but don’t want the flat appearance of a “real” solid. I think they would be great for EPP also since they have a slighter tighter weave.

  36. I love how the aged neutral muslins work with my reproduction fabrics. The other colors would work perfectly in some of the Jen Kingwell patterns I’m doing. They are all so beautiful to look at & pet!!!

  37. First time I have seen these. Fabulous! That would be my quilt solid for sure. If they didn’t become a very cool shirt.

  38. I absolutely love using Marcus aged muslin with reproduction fabrics. The dusty tones are my favorite! I am working on a wall hang right now that features aged muslins in a square within a square pattern. Would certainly find a good use for more!

  39. Marcus Aged Muslin is one of my favorite background fabrics to use with repro fabrics for an antique look. The muslin crinkles beautifully after washing the completed quilt (I do wash it before I use it, and it still works well). (Sure wish you would put some I.D. such as a fabric number in the selvage to make re-ordering easier.)

  40. I love the texture these fabrics add to quilts. I’ve used them in 2 quilts, and would love to use them in my next quilt.

  41. I just took a class with Diane Knott for her pattern “Splash” last weekend and these beautiful colors would really make a wonderful new “splash” for my next quilt!

  42. I’m unfamiliar with the aged muslins but would like to try some ,especially the blue, grey ones in a bed quilt for our bedroom. The BOM quilt is lovely.

  43. Love these in my Civil War repro quilts – just perfect. But I’m currently working in a quilt which combines applique and embroidered panels mixed in with patchwork. I chose Aged Muslin for the background for the appliqued/embroidered blocks because it adds incredible depth to those pieces/ I already have a sizable stash of Aged Muslin – it’s becoming my “go to” starting point when creating a new quilt

  44. Hadn’t heard of these aged muslins before. I have a pattern of an antique bluework embroidered quilt and haven’t been able to find a background fabric, The aged muslin in cream sounds perfect for this.

  45. I have not used Aged Muslins yet, but these are just the kind of thing I love! I keep trying to like solids, but they are, for the most part, too flat for me so I regularly shift to “near-solids”. I would make a log cabin with these – soooooo perfect!

  46. Absolutely love these, great in reproduction quilts and landscape quilts as well. I’ve tea dyed muslin before to try to get an old look but never got lovely saturated color as these

  47. I haven’t seen these yet in my local quilt shops but will be on the lookout for them. They are so versatile. My first thought on using these would be a “maker” apron or any table topper.

  48. Haven’t heard of these muslins before. I bought a pattern for an antique bluework embroidered quilt and haven’t been able to find a background fabric. This aged muslin in a cream sounds perfect.

  49. I love to use them for backgrounds for wool applique. The suede look – perfect! I would love to try the new colors!

  50. This is the first that I have learned of this fabric. It is fabulous! I love the “worn, comfortable” look, and this fabric would be perfect for two panels that I have. I can see lace on the girl panel.

  51. This is first time I have seen them!! Are BEAUTIFUL!!! I would make a fun quilt for our son’s home!! Then one for us, for sure. Can see them being used in many projects besides! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too! 😀

  52. This is exactly what I need for redoing an antique quilt top my brother sent me. For som reason it was never finished, big chunk missing.

  53. I love the aged muslin fabrics! I’ve used them with my 1800’s repro fabrics and they fit in beautifully. Also, they make interesting backgrounds for embroidery making for a vintage feel!

  54. How did I NOT know about these!!! There’s no end to what I’d make…quilts, toppers…so much! Officially on my MUST HAVE list!!

  55. I have to confess I’ve never heard of the fabric but now that I have, I need it! I am a bit new to quilting and love the Civil War fabrics and I think I’d use the fabric in a quilt.

  56. Have not used this line as of yet. I think a triple Irish chain guilt with the blue as the constant would be great would give lots of movement.

  57. I like the aged muslins for background fabric for both applique and for piecework. They look great with the reproduction fabrics that I often use!

  58. I have not tried the aged muslins yet but would love to use them in a quilt of fall colors for my dayghter-in-law.

  59. I LOVE those “new” aged muslins. I make small quilts that look antique & those would be “perfect” in place of plain solid muslins!

  60. Wow, I the colors are so beautiful! I know they would make exceptional quilts for two new great grands due this year 🙂

  61. I haven’t tried them yet, but I think they would work beautifully in any reproduction fabric quilt!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  62. I haven’t tried them yet. I would love to see the grey as a background paired with some dusky blue prints.

  63. These fabrics are so beautiful! I haven’t had an opportunity to try them yet. Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  64. I’ve used them in CW reproduction quilts and recently as a background for sepia-toned photo transfers for a Western themed quilt. Would love to try your idea of teaming the blues and greys in a denim quilt!

  65. I love it !
    Looks perfect for my designs.
    I would love to try them in my designs they are inspired in mosaic tile floors. They would have the aged looks I love !
    I can wait to have some of the aged muslin on my hands !!!

  66. I I I am a primitive quilter, and your aged muslins work wonderfully with all my quilting projects. I love all the colors.

  67. I haven’t tried the aged muslins…yet! My favorite kind of quilts are those that have a vintage look, so winning the fat quarter bundle would be like Christmas in April! Thank you for a generous giveaway.

  68. I have loved using the Aged Muslins. The taupe, khaki ones have been my favorites using them as a consistent background and border piece in several quilts. One beautiful one using batiks. Thank you for continuing to make them. They are a favorite with me and I continue to ask for them at my local quilt shop.

  69. What an interesting idea. I have not seen this kind of things before. But aged Muslin sounds so interesting. Can’t wait to work with it and turn it into something distinct.

  70. These are yummy, have not seen them yet, but would love
    To have these to work with. I do a lot of Appliqué and think
    They would work beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. I didn’t know about this type of muslin. I’ve used tea dyed muslin before for my wool appliqie work. With the variety of colors offered, this aged fabric sounds like a new exciting alternative. Would love to try it!

  72. They are wonderful! I am a cross stitcher as well as a quilter and have been using hand dyed Linen for my cross stitch for years to reproduce that antique sampler look. These fabrics will work perfectly with my civil war reproduction fabric to create antique looking quilts!

  73. I have not tried them, but they look fascinating. I can’t wait to see them much less use them. Background for applique, piecing, fussy cutting. Just a few maybe ideas until I get to see them. Thank you!

  74. These are perfect for using with primitives. My color palette lea Mbeki s toward primitive browns, reds and blues and mixing in these texture fabrics adds just the right “song” for my quilt pieces.

  75. I would LOVE to try these!!! I haven’t tried anything like this
    . But, feel it would add to my quilts Thanks for the give away

  76. I like using them as they are a cost saving measure (and I like the feel of them better) over using Cherrywood. And, as you stated above, have that added “texture” look that keeps them from looking blah.

  77. I have not tried them yet but think I’ll be looking for them. I want to make a quilt using solids or almost solids and they would be great. Thanks for a chance to win.

  78. I like using the tan aged muslin in my hand embroidery projects. I like that primitive, aged, been around a long time look and these give that look to my projects. I would love the chance to use some of the other colors in my quilting projects too.

  79. I haven’t tried them, but would love too. They look yummy, and I use all my fabrics in quilted projects.

  80. Perfect for a basic, ’60’s style, shift dress; also, scrubs and shorts. As for quilting, I would use any of them on the front of quilt. Would be very interested to see how well they needle as I love using muslin on the backs of quilts when I hand quilt them . . . it shows off needlework so beautifully.

  81. I have used the paper bag colored age muslin and absolutely LOVED the look it gave the quilt! Love the new colors – perfect blenders for so many different projects!

  82. I haven’t used these yet but would love to try them in a classic quilt pattern, such as a churn dash or Ohio star quilt.

  83. I love the look of these fabrics. I haven’t tried the, yet but I’m thinking they would make a wonderful quilt for my grandsons. Perhaps a cool skirt set for my granddaughter.

  84. The colors are beautiful, and I love the quilt displayed. The primary colors would look great in any quilt style.

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