Martingale Loves 1930’s Prints!

Aunt Grace fabrics by Judie Rothermel for Marcus FabricsOur friends at Martingale/ That Patchwork Place discuss their love for 1930s fabrics & quilts in today’s blogpost.  We’re proud to have Martingale as one of our generous prize sponsors of our JUST JUDIE Quilt Competition! Of course, Judie Rothermel’s AUNT GRACE collections are always near and dear to us, and even more so as we continue to receive contest entries!     As we come toward the deadline for the contest on July 31, we’d like to know:  What are some of your favorite Aunt Grace colors?

6 thoughts on “Martingale Loves 1930’s Prints!

  1. Love 30’s fabrics. Love all the colors. Went to work in a quilt shop in St. Louis, Mo because I loved the 30’s fabrics and couldn’t stay out of the store, so they offered me a job.

  2. I love the greens and pinks and yellows. Prefer the softer colors. I have such a big collection of 30s yet always buy more when I see new ones.

  3. Marian, it’s hard to pick just one, isn’t it? All four of your favorites make great alternatives to the usual pink-or-blue baby choices, especially when they’re all used together!

  4. Oh I just love the 30’s fabrics. I am usually drawn to the reds and blues then the yellows and greens. I think combined with the solids it makes for a lovely quilt.

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