How Paula Barnes Lost Her Ultimate Sewing Space…

Most quilters faced with a home relocation dream of enlarging and expanding their creative quarters, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out that way… Case in point, Paula Barnes. She checked in with us after her recent move left her with a smaller workspace.

“This month has me digging out from under boxes. Boxes everywhere! I moved the end of January to a much smaller home. You may remember seeing my home studio in last years Quilt Mania Magazine.  In my former home I took over the game room upstairs when all the kiddo’s moved out. It was large and PACKED full of fun fabrics, projects, and some hobby items I haven’t touched in years.

PaulaOldRoomGoing from a large 2 story home into a smaller 1 story home has had its challenges.

So I packed it all up…it took days… and many, many boxes. Now I should tell you that I did purge quite a bit but apparently I didn‘t purge enough. Here are pictures of my new sewing room. Help!!!
PaulaNewRoom1 PaulaNewRoom2
I’m sure it will all fit, right? I started unpacking it last night and it’s going to work. I must say this over and over to make myself believe that it will. Can we have a Tinker Bell moment here. You remember in the movie where all the children clapped as hard as they could to show that they believed in her and brought her back to life. I wonder if that would work for me? Can we all clap hard enough to bring this sad room back to life.  I’ll share photos when it’s all done.”

———-  Paula, Red Crinoline Quilts

Thanks for sharing, Paula!!  Now, show of hands…how many of us feel her pain?  Got a small-space sewing area trick to share?  We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I moved from WV, occupying half a finished basement to AL with a sewingroom that is only 14×18–not barely enough. After 7 years, I am finally unpacking ALL my boxes and feel like the “old woman who lived in a shoe” . I feel for you.

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