Happy Birthday, Indra!

IndraBD1Quilt Market can be hard work, but there’s always time to celebrate a birthday!  Here Indra Rampersaud, our customer service manager, celebrates her birthday with the rest of the Marcus Fabrics crew at Tex-Mex in Houston, where there was no shortage of birthday desserts  ; )   Many of our customers know Indra and her top-notch service, so it’s nice to see her relax and be served for a change!

(There was singing, and they also made her wear a way-too-big sombrero, but she wouldn’t let me post that pic…Happy Birthday, Indra!)

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Indra!

  1. Happy birthday, Indra, or perhaps the Spanish version of feliz cumpleanos is more fitting!

  2. Happy Birthday Indra ! I think you should be a sport and let them post the picture of you with the way to big sombrero. Lol

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