Christmas in July Double Giveaway!

For some of us, getting a jump on all of those Christmas gifts & decorating projects in the middle of summer is the only way to get it all done, and with that in mind, we’re partnering again with our friends at Martingale for a double giveaway to get you started!


You could win the eBook Tis the Season – Quilts and Other Comforts by Shelley Wicks and Jeanne Large, along with a bundle of HOLIDAY BLOOMS by Faye Burgos.  We know you’ll love this stack of FQs plus the coordinating 1-yard panel, and you’ll be inspired by the projects in Martingale’s #1 best-selling Christmas book.

To be eligible for this drawing, just SUBSCRIBE to the Marcus blog (if you haven’t already) and COMMENT on your favorite holiday projects below for a chance to win!  Then visit the Martingale post for a second chance  ; )

— lisa s

170 thoughts on “Christmas in July Double Giveaway!

  1. I would make bags using this beautiful fabric then fill them with Christmas gifts.

  2. We pull names for a large gift. I look forward to making a gift for the couple whose name we picked. Last year it was a wall hanging in the form of a tree.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I subscribe. I love making table runners and Christmas Stockings, and quilts. My gifts are pajamas, made for each person.

  4. Last year I finally made some new Christmas Stockings… Everyone was happy with the fabric I chose too! This year I want to make a tree skirt… I only need a pattern that I really like
    I would like to subscribe but can’t find where! If you could help me with that, I’d be most thankful!!

  5. I love to make stockings and garlands to deocorate for Christmas. I also like to make fabric boxes or bags to put gifts in.

  6. I have made stockings and ornaments in the past. This year I have an applique tree skirt, embroidered table runner and gift bags on my want to do list. I best get started!

  7. I am excited about making more of the Nostalgic Christmas pillows using the pattern by Lynn Wilder (Sew’n Wild Oaks pattern of Nostalgic Christmas pillow and quilt). I am trying both traditional and non traditional fabrics and colors. I would love some of the new Marcus Brothers Fabrics for those pillows.

  8. I love making Christmas wall hangings and table runners to dress up my home for the holidays or to give as gifts.

  9. I am currently enjoying making Christmas stockings for my local guild that go to different organizations for children. Would love to win the book and gorgeous fabric-thanks for the chance!

  10. I enjoy making small items for Christmas gifts. Zipper bags, mug rugs, table runners, etc.

  11. I make small items (pin keeps, pincushions, potholders) as gifts for members of my small quilt groups. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Christmas is an inspirational time for me! I have made stockings, ornaments, table runners, placemats, pillowcases, and many quilts including Christmas quilts. I have more on the list this year so I better get busy!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My favorite “go to” project for Christmas is a tea towel. I began with the Wooden Bear towels and it’s taken off from there! Not only are they cute, quick, and relatively easy to make, they are useful. I tell all my recipients that they are NOT for show, but sturdy enough for use too!

  14. A new subscriber! I create a mix of homemade gifts for the holidays; crochet, sewing, canning, and etc. This year I’m into pillows, wall quilts and afghans.

  15. I have made quilted stockings, table runners, placemats and napkins, fabric ornaments purses. Smaller projects that I give as gifts or use to dress up the house for the holidays.

  16. Table runners would be my favorite for quick gifts. Others would include a square table topper.

  17. I love making ornaments and pot holders and placemats. This year I will be making ornaments and Christmas stockings for my two very special great grandchildren.

  18. I usually like to make small things for gifts for my friends – mug rugs, wall hangings, pin cushions, etc. If I get involved in a big project, nothing else seems to get done.

  19. Being a fairly new quilter I don’t have much of a stash. I have made table runners, place mats, mug rugs, potato bags, etc as gifts as well as quilts for my family. I would love to win the Christmas bundle.

  20. my favorite holiday projects are small and do-able, But I also plan to make a Christmas quilt for us and each of our kids and grandkids! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. I’ve made PJs (including robes and other sleep attire) for many years for my expanding family to open Christmas Eve. The last several years grandchildren have helped with them. They choose which cousin or parent they want to sew for and I help them. Some of the PJs have been very interesting, I must admit, but everyone takes their present in good cheer. The fun is seeing them occasionally throughout the year and being involved with the grandchildren.

  22. I love creating homemade gifts for Christmas – pillow cases, quilts, home decor.

  23. I love making Christmas placements and runners each year, This year I want to make a quilt for the sofa .

  24. Love making Christmas gifts. I am making pot holders and table runners for the first time this year for friends and quilts for family members. would love to win the bundle of “Holiday Blooms” for a project to keep for myself. (I never do that), it’s a beautifu; collection, thank you for chance to win.

  25. I’m a new subscriber to the blog, I’ve enjoyed your main website and fabrics for years. I like to make small table toppers, hot mats and mug rugs for holiday gifts – if I keep them small, they get finished ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  26. I have 5 grand children ranging from 5 to 16. When they were born I made them each there own stocking with the same pattern out of different fabrics. Now each year I have made the different things to go with there stockings so that when they have there own “1st apartment” or dorm room they can decorate it with something from Grandma!

  27. I’m already subscribed. I like coming up with new ideas for friends and family. Last year I made trinkets and sewed them in a heart shaped brown paper gift bag that was stamped with designs. Lots of fun.

  28. I love making Holiday related table runners or wall hangings. I have some with snowmen and snowflakes, some with Poinsettias, some with Santa, some with ornaments, and some with cardinals for the winter season.

  29. What a lovely way to start the holiday season. I would love to plan some holiday projects with these goodies. Thanks for the chance.

  30. I’m not sure if this was my favorite but it was my most memorable. I made a Santa suit for a local Santa. It was made from exquisite cotton velvet, very plush white (fake) fur, much gold trim, and 100% silk satin lining. It included the hat, a full-length cape and a gift bag. It was very intimidating but came out beautifully.
    I follow you on bloglovin. 🙂

  31. I love the Holidays and creating special quilts and runners to decorate with or for gifts. This line of fabric looks beautiful !. I would love to take a peek at the book !!.

  32. I am a new blog follower on Bloglovin’! A few of my favorite Christmas sewing projects are table runners, mug rugs, tote bags and tree ornaments. I think more people nowadays enjoy hand-made gifts. I know I enjoy making and giving them!

  33. I would love to make handmade gifts for everyone every year, but I won’t put that kind of pressure on myself. I’ll plan on making one or two gifts, and everyone understands their turn will come. I don’t like to quilt or sew with deadlines. But I do like to make smaller projects for holidays like placemats, potholders, table runners, etc..

  34. this year my favorite holiday creation is a new Christmas Stocking that we’ll be hanging on the mantel this Christmas as our daughter is marrying and we’ll have a member of our family. thank you for this chance to participate, I really like the fabric designs and I’m already thinking of what I could use that panel for!

  35. I enjoy making Christmas ornaments. Now I have made a few Christmas wall hangs & table runners. One day will do a Christmas quilt. Thank you for a chance to win:)

  36. I love holiday quilts, table runners, small lap quilts and wall hangings. These make excellent Christmas gifts. What an awesome giveaway- thank you 🙂

  37. My current seasonal project is a table runner for fall. For Christmas I will be working on some new stockings. I would love to make a wall hanging from the new fabrics. They are beautiful!

  38. I love making Christmas gifts each year. I have 9 granddaughters that I make things for and each year they can’t wait to see their gift.

  39. I make all kinds of handmade gifts for Christmas presents. When it comes to quilted items, I like making table runners, small quilts, pillows, and totes. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  40. I make handmade Christmas gifts for my family every year. I love surprising them with something different each year,

  41. We have a ham buffet for Christmas dinner. It is very casual. The fun thing that I do in the two weeks before Christmas is make cookies and home-made caramel corn. These desserts are left out all day and the children can snack on whatever they want. The cookies are decorated sugar cookies, Lucy’s Lemon Squares, double mint creme chocolate sandwich cookies, fudge w/nuts, fudge wo/nuts, gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles, Russian tea cakes and more. My mom makes the bread to serve with the ham, and to give away to neighbors. There is also an apple pie! It is hard work and great fun to make these for familly and friends who stop by.

    • and I already subscribe to your blog. Thanks for all the hard work you do on the blog!

  42. This give away is helping me to start thinking of all the fun things I want to make for Christmas. Would love to add these fabrics & the book to my collection.

  43. I have made quilts, runners, and mug rugs galore for Christmas, and for gifts I’ve made placemats, crayon rolls, and one of the most popular gifts for the kids, pillow cases. Sewing for Christmas is one of the most delightful things to do.

  44. I subscribe to your blog. My favorite holiday project is table runners. They are quick to put together and are useful. I try to make different ones each year to give as gifts.

  45. I like to make decorative Christmas things for the home as gifts. Last year I quilted pieced runners with embroidery for gift giving and one for me.

  46. I love making candle mats, potholders, and table runners for gift giving. Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. I love making Christmas gifts, wallhangings, bags, decorations, stockings. Love the fabric & the book. Thanks for a chance to win them. I’ve been subscribed for some time now.

  48. I make Christmas stockings for all the kids and grandkids in my family. A new granddaughter is expected in Oct. so I need to get busy! I also like to make Christmas pillows, placemats and table runners. I’m already a subscriber!

  49. It’s hard to say which Holiday projects are my favorite….quilts, tree skirts, stockings, ornaments, gift tags, cards….each has it’s own place in my heart.

  50. I made stockings for all my kids and grandkids. Love seeing them hanging by the fireplace.

  51. I love making anything handmade for gifts. Table runners, stocking, wall hangings, ornaments for the tree and even pillows. I’m always looking for new and great ideas. Thank you so much for an opportunity to win, this is exciting.

  52. This year I’d like to make a fabric covered wreath. Saw a tutorial on Pinterest. Think it could be a great idea!

  53. This year I’m into SWOON bags so everyone is getting a bag for Christmas

  54. You’re so right — NOW is the time to get started on Christmas gifts. Love the Tis the Season booklet.

  55. I want to finish, and use, the Christmas pillows for which I have tops finished. I also decorate my tree only with Santas, so I have a few more of those to make.

  56. I’ve made table mats, mug rugs, & fabric baskets as Christmas gifts. Thanks.

  57. I just added my name to the subscribe. I love making holiday table toppers. Also I like to make small gifts to give out in Christmas colors.

  58. My favorite holiday project is Christmas quilts! They add not only beauty and color to the celebrations but they keep us warm and comforted! Never enough of them and make awesome gifts from the heart!

  59. I love all things Christmas! The colors, the fabrics, the cold, oh my! This year I’m planning on making table runners for friends and family. If time permits, I would love to make that Christmas quilt that I’ve been thinking about, too. Guess I better get started!

  60. I love making those awe inspiring gifts that look like you have spent forever making but actually they were pretty quick to do. The hardest part for me is making that decision of what one thing to make!

  61. Now is the time to start planning all those little Christmas gifts that will delight others. Your new fabrics will make each one a holiday delight!


  62. I never can help myself…. I make pot holders!! I did get Table mats done for everyone a couple years ago.. I just like all the different blocks to use for Pot holders.

  63. At the top of my list of Christmas Projects for this year is a stocking for my new grandson! I love the pillow with the stockings on the cover of “Tis the Season” & you can’t beat those fabrics in red, green & black – yummy colors! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  64. I’m going to make a tree skirt for my tree. Last year I got one from (maybe I shouldn’t say) but any way I’m not very pleased with it. I want to make it in the colors I want. I also sew a lot of Christmas presents. Thank you for the giveaway.

  65. You an never have to many Christmas quilts,now can you! Thanks for a chance to make another treasure.

  66. Your Christmas fabrics are so gorgeous. I especially love the panel. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love decorating my home for the holidays. I bet it would be wonderful just working with those beautiful fabrics. I can just imagine how wonderful they would feel.

  67. This year I am making personalized Christmas stockings for my family. Thank you for the giveaway.

  68. I want to make a treat skirt and a Christmas stocking for my grandson’s first christmas

  69. I really want to make my own tree skirt and advent calendar (we’re not Catholic, but my children love calendars and counting down). Homemade stockings would be awesome, too.
    I subscribed!

  70. Love the Marcus blog! Am making Christmas quilts for each of our 4 grown “kids”. I plan to use the scraps to make banners for holiday trimming.

  71. I subscribed. My favorite is making pot holders. Every year I make a different pattern. Also like to make table runners and placemats.

  72. I have been saving pieces of fabric to make a Christmas postage stamp quilt. This may be the year!

  73. Love just about everything Christmas – wall hangings, placemats, stockings, table-top stands, etc. This year I need to make a table runner and placemats for our own table. thanks for the chance to win a bundle. ; }

  74. This year, I want to make table runners for a few different family members. My favorite thing about Christmas projects is the idea of gifting it to someone that I love.

  75. Oh, love them all! Especially love the wool appliqué pillow and wall hanging! The fabric bundle would be a real treat to win as well. Thanks for this terrific opportunity!

  76. I’m subscribed to the Marcus blog. I love making totes, zipper bags and table runners as Christmas gifts…fun and easy!!

  77. I am already a Subscriber 🙂

    At Christmas, I always made the Kiddo’s new Jamma’s…still do…& have few Grankiddo’s added to the sewing now! lol Love making Throws, Potholders, Runners etc too….

  78. I really like the Holly Sox pillow pattern from the book. It would look great on a bench that I have in my foyer.

  79. I’ve been drooling over this book for some time now 🙂 I love the projects in it! Would love to win it and that gorgeous fabric to use with it. Thank you for the sweet and inspiring giveaway!

  80. I’m working on finishing a stocking for my granddaughter. I also want to make a wall hanging for over my mantle. I’m a new subscriber. Thanks so much for the chance to win this book and fabric!

  81. I have 4 little people who need advent calendars for this Christmas! So that’s my priority now.

  82. I love making Christmas quilts, any and all sizes. I would like to make a bed size for each of my children. Not all in one year:)

  83. this will be the year of the table runner. Do one gift each year – last year was napkins, this year a runner to match.

  84. I’m working on a red and green Christmas quilt for a daughter-in-law, runners for both, bowling accessories for son and grandsons, and I’m not sure how much more.

  85. I really like to sew Christmas table runner .Two years ago I made 12 table runners!

  86. I just subscribed to your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    I like to make table runners for my daughter. She enjoys using them, especially when I make them two-sided. The last one I made had a Valentine side and an Easter side, so once Valentine’s day is over, she flips it to Easter!

  87. Each holiday season I make a new runner for my table. I also so make several to have on hand for gifts. I gift at least 2 runners and pillowcase to Someplace Safe which is housing for women and children who have left an unsafe situation. Many only have the clothes on the back and may not have money for gifts for the family. The season for giving.

  88. Christmas projects I hope to complete this year- stockings for new twin grandbabies, table runner and wall hanging! Love these fabrics!

  89. I like to make applique projects and am working on the idesign for a Christmas quilt. Hope I can finish it for this Christmas.

  90. I’d love to make a quilt using the beautiful panel.

    The only place I could find to sign up for the Marcus newsletter was at

    • Linda -on the right side of the page you should see an email sign up where you enter your address. You might need to scroll down the page a bit. The newsletter and the blog are different lists!! Feel free to subscribe to both, but to be eligible for giveaways, you’ll need to be on our blog list, which means you get an email when we add a new post. — lisa

  91. I would love to make handmade gifts for everyone this year. Lots of ideas to choose from!

  92. I’m hoping to finish a stack of quilt as you go warm winter scarves for all the women on my list this year, but there is also a new grandbaby to make a stocking for, so these fat quarters would be great for her!

  93. I subscribed! I love to make small gifts like pot holders, table toppers, and stockings just in time for gifting!

  94. I would love to make a mini wall hanging for Christmas. I haven’t made one yet but would love to have one for each holiday to hang up!

  95. I love gift runners, wallhanging lap quilts , and chritmas decor for Christmas.Thanks for the fun.

    I’m already subscribed.

  96. My favorite Christmas projects are small lap quilts, stockings and gifts like neck warmers and hand warmers that I can give out last minute.

  97. Tablerunners, mantel runners, throws, wall hangings and quilts all come to mind for holiday projects.

  98. I’m a follower. I make at least one Christmas quilt every year, either a lap or bed-size quilt for myself and family. I usually make a new Wall-hanging to go with the others as well!

  99. I love the pattern for “To All a Good Night” in the book. I’m already subscribed, so please enter me.

  100. HELLO,I love the projects in this book and the fabric would be so appreciated! Love making place mats for gifts! Subscribed. Thank You!

  101. I will make three Christmas stocking for my family with your fabrics. Thank you! Daniela

  102. I would love to make matching tablerunners for my daughter and me, there are some great pattern ideas in this book

  103. These are all beautiful projects. I think my favorite is the quilt made from the poinsettia panel. I do want to make a tree skirt this year so I am looking for a pattern and hoping there is one in this book!

  104. I plan to make Christmas stockings for the great grandchildren this year. There is so much beauty in quilting!

  105. I love all Christmas projects. I am already subscribed. Please enter me in the double give away! L

  106. Love the stockings on the black pillow – make you always think of family around a fireplace and stockings hanging waiting to be loaded

  107. What a great collection of ideas! Thanks for the opportunity to win this bundle to jump start Christmas giving!

  108. The fat quarter looks very exciting and being a collector of all books, this one looks like it has my name all over it.

  109. I love small Christmas quilts for decorating. Love the book, fabric and your generosity.
    Leona Dykes

  110. My favorite past Christmas project was a quilt done in the Courthouse Steps pattern. Currently I’m loving wool on cotton projects. This book has some great ideas.

  111. I love to make dinner napkins as gifts. I double the fabric (usually two coordinating fabrics), serge the edges with a rollled hem, then roll them in decorative napkin rings. I make an additional napkin to line a bread basket, then present the napkins arranged in the basket. Makes a beautiful gift!

  112. I have started a tradition with my grandchildren. For their first Christmas, I make a very large Christmas stocking to contain their gifts. Each year after that I make a pillowcase to use as a Santa sack for their gifts. I choose fabric to reflect their interest at the time. This year I will be making seven pillowcases and one stocking. on Christmas Day they come in eagerly seeking their pillowcase to see what they are getting.

  113. Would love to get a jump start on some holiday projects with this great give away. Thanks for the chance.

  114. I love the projects in this book and am in the process of making Christmas quilts and other holiday projects for my grandchildren to have in their future with their families. Some of these patterns and the fabric would be a nice addition to what I have started and will be a nice surprise from their quilting Grandma.

    • I love the projects in this book and the fabric would be a plus for the holiday projects I am doing for all my grandchildren.

  115. For the past couple of years, I’ve been gifting family and friends small holiday items just after Thanksgiving so they can be used thru the season. Small wallhangings, table toppers, tissue box covers,etc. are quick to make and can be “customized” for each family with their favorite holiday theme (deer, snowmen, Santas, bells). I’ve been subscribed to the blog for a while now and enjoy the inspiration!

  116. I usually make myself a Christmas Quilt everyday with the intentions of using only them to decorate the house for Christmas. Looking for an idea for this year.

  117. I love to give handmade gifts for Christmas so ornaments, table runners, small wall quilts, etc. are the things I concentrate on.

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